Initial Defense, (120 tablets)

Initial Defense, (120 tablets)

Initial Defense, (120 tablets)

SKU K108-120
Brand Kan Herbals
Unit Size 120 Tablets
Dosage 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese Symptomology Early stage sore throat, fever, slight chills, thirst, headache, coughing, stiff neck, itching red eyes. Influenza, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, acute laryngitis. Early stage pneumonia or bronchitis. Wind Heat hives or skin disorders
Actions Resolves the exterior, clears Heat and resolves Toxins, diffuses the Lung Qi and relieves coughing
Pattern Exterior Wind Heat
Tongue Dry or bright red with a thin white coat
Chinese name yin qiao san & Mulberry Leaf, Chrysanthemum Decoction sang ju yin
English name Initial Defense, (120 tablets)

Honeysuckle & Forsythia Powder

Ingredients jin yin hua (honeysuckle flower)lian qiao (forsythia fruit)sang ye (white mulberry leaf)jie geng (platycodon root)bo he (Chinese mint herb)jing jie (schizonepeta herb)xuan shen (scrophularia root)huang ju hua (yellow chrysanthemum flower)niu bang zi (burdock fruit)qian hu (peucedanum root)gan cao (Chinese licorice root)

Bi Yan Wan

SKU: HT107

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