Why Choose Us?

We are your second family. Not the dysfunctional kind but rather one you can rely on when needed.

As a happy family, we want to help maintain and nurture your practice to its fullest potential.

Have a specific TCM question? We are here to consult with you on all things Oriental Medicine and then some! We have your best interest in mind.

Our customer service department will greet you with a smile each time you call and we are here to offer assistance or just plain lend an ear. We are trained in the art of customer satisfaction and look forward to speaking with you each time you call!

With over 18,000 items from 185+ brands, we want to give you as many ordering options as possible and in the process,  introduce you to new products that could benefit your patients and your practice, as well. Whether you need acupuncture supplies, chinese herbs, western herbs, nutraceuticals, homeopathics or clinical supplies - we have you covered!

Our website, is designed to simplify your ordering needs with a “Favorites” section for quick re-orders and clear and concise organization of categories so you won’t be pulling your hair out like Aunt Martha when she can’t find her dentures. Have a suggestion? We would love to hear from you! We take all matters to heart and always look to better our services and products with suggestions from you, our favorite cousin.

So don’t be a stranger and remember, you're not just a customer - you're family!

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