Who We Support



The Shen Nong Society is an organization formed to support the vital and committed community of practitioners of East Asian medicine who design and recommend individualized formulations of herbs and natural products for their patients. These recommendations are based on the over 2000 years of practice traditions that have spread from China to Japan and Korea and throughout East Asia and evolved over time.  We are devoted to helping our patients through the use of Chinese and East Asian medicine (or Oriental Medicine), and our community needs to be well informed regarding all issues that impact our ability to serve the public through our practice.

ATS is a 501c3 not for profit organization dedicated to the preservation, documentation, and dissemination of China’s traditional knowledge. Focusing on the last generation of practitioners who were born and educated pre 1949, we have published 60 educational videos, organized 120 seminars and archived over 1,000 hours of audio and video material since 1991. The Association believes that the survival of traditional knowledge is imperative as we face issues of sustainability and development in the 21st century. ATS further believes that for this knowledge to survive in today’s world, it must prove itself useful, becoming independent of the philanthropic world.

The Mission of the American Society of Acupuncturists is to promote the highest standards of professional practice for Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine in the United States, thereby to benefit the public health.  Through strengthening the profession at the state level while promoting collaboration nationally and internationally, the ASA provides its members, the public, legislators, and regulators resources for ensuring the best expression of this ancient and modern medicine.

The American Herbalists Guild promotes clinical herbalism as a viable profession rooted in ethics, competency, diversity, and freedom of practice. The American Herbalists Guild supports access to herbal medicine for all and advocates excellence in herbal education.

United Plant Savers’ mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. The work of United Plant Savers involves research, education, and conservation of native medicinal plants and their habitats. We hope that you will join us in this worthwhile and important mission. UpS is a 501 (C)3 non-profit organization.

The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association began as a small group of veterinarians who were interested in a holistic approach to veterinary medicine. They first met in 1982 at the Western States Veterinary Conference (now called the Western Veterinary Conference) and decided to create a formal organization. The American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association is the mindful leader elevating the veterinary professional through innovation, education, and advocacy of integrative medicine.

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is a No-Kill organization in Asheville, North Carolina. We are a 501(c)(3) Tax Deductible Corporation (EIN: 20-8787719). In addition to offering services to our community, our Behavioral Counseling and Youth Education programs help promote a better understanding of, and respect for, companion animals. The 10,000 sq.ft. Joyce B. Cambron Adoption Center, located at 31 Glendale Avenue, is home to up to 100 dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, and small animals each day. In this energetic environment, animals receive mental stimulation and exercise through a variety of enrichment programs. Brother Wolf’s dedicated staff, volunteers, and fosters ensure that each animal receives lots of love and attention until finding his or her forever home.

Bringing you a free weekly podcast, Qiological is an invitation to glimpse into the workings of minds that might be quite different from your own. These discussions reveal and examine the landscape of East Asian medicine as it unfolds in our modern day.For practitioners who are students of the medicine, and for students who seek the kind of experience not found in books, these discussions inquire into the intertwined threads that engage the tapestry of theory, practice, and the delight of endless learning. We enter the stream of any tradition by learning from those who have come before, and we truly become part of a living tradition when we add our own voices and experiences.

Established in 1956, National University of Natural Medicine is the oldest accredited naturopathic medical university in North America and a leader in natural medicine education and evidence-based research. As one of the most respected universities of natural medicine in the world, our participation in international medical education and research is routinely solicited. We believe in the healing power of nature, and that food is medicine.

POCA, as a multi-stakeholder co-op, is designed to build a long-term, stable economic relationship based on fair treatment for everybody. Multi-stakeholder cooperatives recognize that producers and consumers are mutually dependent on one another, and that the health of the relationship between these groups is connected to the health of the larger community and economy

We are an association created to give the acupuncturists of California the opportunity to build momentum on issues that concern them and the people they serve, to take action on those issues, and to connect with each other. California Acupuncturists deserve to know, understand, and have a unified voice on all issues that affect them. We want to be that voice for the acupuncturists of California. Our goal is to be a connection that helps every acupuncturist in the state by empowering them to take action on important issues. We are dedicated to sharing and remaining involved in current topics that affect our future to practice our medicine and protect our rights as acupuncturists.

The Acupuncture Association of Colorado has two main focuses. The first is to protect our right to practice Chinese Medicine in the state of Colorado. Our second focus is to educate the public.