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Lane Labs

SunSpot ES - 20% Off
Extra strength Glycoalkaloid Exfoliant - Doctor tested and recommended SunSpot ES glycoalkaloid exfoliant gel can help. Really help. SunSpot ES contains powerful glycoalkaloids from natural sand brier that help sloughs away the years. Just apply a dab of SunSpot ES twice daily.


Pet Wellbeing

Ear Clean Gold - 20% Off

Ear Clean Gold is an infused herbal oil formulated for cleaning pets' ears comfortably and naturally. The base oil of this formula is medium chain triglyceride oil, known for its ability to keep skin tissue healthy and provide nutrition to the layers of the skin. Furthermore, this oil helps to maintain the natural immunity of the skin, assisting the skin's barrier capability often needed by canines and felines prone to ear problems. Use Ear Clean Gold for regular maintenance or as needed.


Total Body Detox Formula, Capsules - 20% Off
This unique formula is a natural, internal formula specifically designed for daily detoxification and is made up of a fusion of East Asian herbs that support the body’s normal cleansing process and removes toxins that build up due to pollution (air, water, and food), chemicals, stress, and hormonal based products.

Total Body Detox Formula, Liquid - 20% Off
A natural, internal detoxifying fusion of East Asian herbs, including Dandelion Root and Burdock Root.

Stress-Relieving Detox, Patches - 20% Off
Advanced Herbal Technology. Stress can lead to muscle aches, headaches, fatigue, mental ambiguity, emotional imbalances, sleep irregularities and metabolic dysfunction. These symptoms of stress are some of the leading causes of illness and disease.  Jadience  Herbal Formulas unique formulation of East Asian herbs, such as Coptidis, Inulae, Corydalis and Cyperi, calms your mind, balances your chi, harmonizes your organ systems, and removes toxins. We bring you this centuries proven formula combined with the benefits of modern technology to detoxify your body, calm your mind, increase vitality and overcome daily stress.

Total Body Detox, Soak - 20% Off

Every day we take into our systems a wide variety of toxins and chemical from our lifestyles, including stress, habits, the foods we eat, and even the air we breathe.  It is of utmost importance to increase the chi (life force energy) within in order to strengthen the function of our organ systems and purify our minds and spirits so that the natural detoxification process of our bodies works at its optimal level.

This revolutionary soak is a combination of modern science and ancient herbal wisdom. This 20-minute treatment consists of powerful East Asian herbs, including Burdock Root, Ledebouriella and Moutan.  These herbs have been known throughout the centuries to detoxify and relax muscles enabling the proper flow of chi (energy) throughout the body.  Feel the difference for yourself!

Attack 1 - 20% Off
Typical seasonal cold symptoms such as head/sinus congestion with green or yellow phlegm, and minor chest congestion. Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial and decongesting action. Alternate this formula with Cough when symptoms indicate the need.

Attack 2 - 20% Off
For any viral/bacterial based symptom patterns (without pronounced head congestion), for bronchitis (alternate with Cough formula).

Self Defense - 20% Off
Taken at the first sign of colds and flu, this formula often stops disease progression very rapidly. Works extremely well for prevention when traveling on public transportation (i.e. airplanes) or when exposed to people with obvious cold/flu symptoms.

Sage Your Space, Clary Sage - 20% Off

Sage Your Space, Sage and Bergamot - 20% Off

Sage Your Space, Sage and Frankincense - 20% Off

Sage Your Space, Sage and Lavender - 20% Off

As you’ve come to expect from Emily Skin Soothers, our room sprays are simple and clean, made with natural oils, essential oils and even aloe vera. They are light and subtle and clean, with NO overpowering scents, NO perfumes, NO aerosols, NO alcohol, NO synthetic fragrances, NO parabens or other nasty junk that you don’t want in the air or near your body.

Far East Summit Chinese Classics, Liquid Extracts (5:1)

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (Rehmannia Six) - 20% Off
Enriches and supplements the liver and kidneys.

Huo Xiang Zheng Qi San (Agastaches Formula)
 Resolves the exterior, eliminates dampness, rectifies qi