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20% Off All Griffo Botanicals
We use only food-grade herbs. No leftovers, no dregs, no dust.  Only whole, wholesome herbs that retain all the taste and aroma they are meant to have. Part of country living is growing your food.  While we grow a lot of our own food, we also love to grow our own herbs.  Zi Su Ye, Elderberry, Huo Xiang, Su Zi, Jin Yin Hua, He Huan Hua, Ling Zhi, Gou Qi Zi, and "the mulberries" Sang Bai Pi, Sang Ye, Sang Zhi, Sang Ji Sheng, Sang Shen are some of the herbs we are growing right now. 

Lane Labs
25% Off All Lane Labs
What makes these products so exceptional? Each one employs breakthrough technology or formulations to unlock the compound's full potency and purity. Many have been subjected to carefully controlled studies. We are proud to offer innovative products that outperform our competition, both natural and synthetic. Noted researchers around the world have consistently hailed LaneLabs' products as natural breakthroughs. Lane Labs sources technologies from around the globe, from North America to Australia, Japan to Malaysia to Latin America. Cutting edge research, breakthrough natural products, plus a genuine commitment to customer education are the hallmarks of the LaneLabs family.


20% Off Muscle & Joint Patch
For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles & joints associated with simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains*

20% Off Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Cream
Jadience Muscle & Joint Extra Strength Therapeutic Cream penetrates quickly and deeply to prevent deterioration and injury, strengthen areas of weakness and discomfort and aid in the recovery of muscle and joint stress and damage.*


Attack 1 - 20% Off
Typical seasonal cold symptoms such as head/sinus congestion with green or yellow phlegm, and minor chest congestion. Has a broad-spectrum anti-microbial and decongesting action. Alternate this formula with Cough when symptoms indicate the need.

Attack 2 - 20% Off
For any viral/bacterial based symptom patterns (without pronounced head congestion), for bronchitis (alternate with Cough formula).

Self Defense - 20% Off
Taken at the first sign of colds and flu, this formula often stops disease progression very rapidly. Works extremely well for prevention when traveling on public transportation (i.e. airplanes) or when exposed to people with obvious cold/flu symptoms.

20% Off Dog Chest Formula and Cat Chest Formula
Clears and expands the chest for easy breathing.
Based on a time-tested, traditional Eastern Medicine formula, this concentrated liquid supplement is formulated with natural herbal ingredients to help support normal respiratory function and health.