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20% Off All Pacific Biologic Formulas
Pacific BioLogic Formulas are a unique blend of chinese herbs, nutraceuticals and/or western herb combinations. They use only 100% natural and unadulterated herbs and never use any fillers or excipients. All of their concentrated herbal formulas are made in the USA and come in vegetarian capsules for easier digestion and assimilation. The orthomolecular products use only the highest quality nutraceuticals available.

20% Off Bruise Topical Mineral!
Bruise Topical Mineral blend uses a Minerals as Medicine approach to treating a bruise or injury urging the body to mend itself from within. Bruise targets nutrients and functions to rapidly dissipate pain, swelling, and discoloration from a bruise or injury while promoting tissue healing.

20% Off Itch Topical Mineral!
As only Ohm can do, they created a blend to reduce histamine release, build immunity, and fight and prevent common fungal issues on the skin. Combining scientific studies and metaphysical folklore, we crafted a potent but gentle formulation.

20% Off Vagus Sum EX Topical Mineral!
The second in a trilogy of complex vagal blends, Vagus Sum EX is engineered in science and Metaphysical Medicine to strengthen XII Cranial nerves by supporting damaged or deteriorating nerve fibers.

50% Off Huang Bai (Lab Tested), 1lb
Phellodendron Bark drains damp-heat, particularly from the lower burner; Drains Kidney fire and resolves fire toxicity.

35% Off Ju Hua (Lab Tested), 1lb
Chrysanthemum flower disperses wind and clears heat; Calms the Liver and clears the eyes; Extinguishes wind and resolves toxicity.

35% Off Can Cao, (Lab Tested), 1lb
Licorice root Moderates and harmonizes the characteristics of other herbs; can be used as an antidote for a variety of toxic substances, (internally and topically);Tonifies the Spleen and augments the qi; Moistens the Lungs and stops coughs; Moderates spasms and alleviates pain; Clears heat and resolves fire toxicity.

35% Off Sheng Di Huang (Lab Tested), 1lb
Rehmannia Root clears heat and cools the blood and nourishes the yin and generates fluids.

35% Off Dang Gui (Lab Tested), 1lb
Angelica Sinensis Tonifies the Blood and regulates the mense; Invigorates and harmonizes the Blood and disperses Cold (stops pain due to Blood Stasis); Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels; Reduces swelling, expels pus, generates flesh and alleviates pain and Stops coughing and treats dyspnea.

25% Off Lemon Balm (Organic), 1lb
The German Commission E has approved lemon balm for supporting a calm and healthy sleep. It has also been approved in supporting the gastrointestinal tract. Lemon balm has been shown in clinical trials to support healthy memory and cognitive function, as well as to increase self-reported calmness.

15% Off Peppermint Leaf, 1lb
Promotes Healthy Functions of the Digestive System* Support For Occasional Gas and Bloating After Meals

15% Off Quartz Crystal Points, Rough Cut
The wondrous Quartz crystal, a prized power stone renowned for its unmatched healing prowess, stands as the ultimate gem in the mineral kingdom. Aptly named the "Universal Crystal" for its vast array of applications, it serves as a catalyst for manifestation, healing, meditation, protection, and channeling. Beyond its versatility, Quartz holds the key to balance and stability, harmonizing environments and nurturing romantic relationships. Prepare to be enchanted by the multifaceted marvel of Quartz!

20% Off Opal Gemstone Face Roller
Natural face roller that assists lymphatic drainage to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and puffiness. This roller acts as a massage tool for your face. You can use it alone or in conjunction with your skin care routine.

20% Off Amethyst Gua Sha Triangle
Amethyst produces small but detectable of magnetic fields. the naturally-occurring magnetic fields from amethyst may actually produce favorable results in the body. Since the human body has its own magnetic field, proponents believe that amethyst interacts and exchanges energy with the body.

20% Off Jasmine (absolute, 10%) Essential Oil
Fragrance profile: Full-bodied, warm sweet-amber with lyrical floral top notes and hints of fruity notes
Fragrance energy: Floral-sweet
Properties: Nurturing, sensualizing, euphoric, connecting, relaxing
Chinese Medicine function: To nourish the Blood, animate the Heart and strengthen the spirit

20% Off Romance - Esthetic Essential Oil Blend
Sensual, loving, and warm.
Dominant oils: Damask rose absolute, Geranium, Sandalwood, jojoba

20% Off Jian Pi Pian
SpleenVigor is a well known Chinese herbal formula used to invigorate Qi, strengthen the Spleen and promote digestive function.

20% Off Jin Gu Die Da Pian
Bruise Mender is a Chinese herbal medicine that promotes blood circulation to remove Blood stasis, and strengthens bones and tendons to speed recovery from injury.