May Specials

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Lab Tested Ju Hua - 20% Off
Chrysanthemum disperses and clears wind-heat; Calms the Liver and clears the eyes; Calms the Liver and extinguishes wind; Resolves toxicity. Sold in 1lb bag

Lab Tested Sheng Di Huang - 20% Off
Rehmannia Root enriches the yin, cools the blood, clears heat. Sold in 1lb bag

Lab Tested Chuan Xiong - 20% Off
Szechuan Lovage Root enters the Liver channel to warm and unblock the blood vessels, yet its acrid flavor and its relatively light material substance enable it to promote the movement of qi at the blood level. This also allows it to disperse qi stagnation and externally-contracted wind. Sold in 1lb bag

OHM Only Healing Minerals

Ocean Mineral Bath - 20% Off
Ohm crafted a mineral bath producing the essence of the deep vibe in the Ocean. Recognizing the healing rush is not just from the salt but from a combo of micro minerals suspended in the water.

Good Juju Mineral Diffusing Blend - 20% Off
Good JuJu, a ground mineral mix, created to unblock thus increase the body's natural energy flow. Unleash your groovy, strength and vitality. Good JuJu when life has zapped your flow or illness has left you low..

NoFleazPleaz K9 Mineral Topical - 25% Off
NoFleazPleaz Amethyst and Amber pure mineral crystals gently into ground powder, blended into a powerful topical flea repellant. Like all Ohm K-9 Products, NoFleazPleaz does not contain fillers, fragrance, or chemicals. If you are looking for a truly all natural, easy flea repellent, you have found it! We hate chemicals!

Dux Magnetic Needle Tray - 20% Off
Organization and safety are essential during an acupuncture procedure because they prevent potential accidents. With the DUX magnetic tray, the needles stay in clusters, and this makes it easier to manage the process of inserting and removing needles from the patient.

Aller-Easy Tea  - 20% Off
Scutellaria root, Astragalus root, Solomon's Seal rhizome, Dahurian Angelica root, Eleuthero leaf, Polygala root, Monk fruit, Jasmine flower

Hair Regrowth Tea - 20% Off
Solomon's Seal rhizome, Privet berry, Rehmannia root, Fo-ti root, Jasmine flower

Reishi Liver Health Tea - 20%
Reishi mushroom, Goji leaf, Schisandra berry, White Peony root, Astragalus root, Monk fruit, Jasmine flower