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September Specials

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Solis - 20% Off
Griffo Botanicals' version of Gui Zhi Tang
Releases pathogenic influences from the muscle layer and regulates the nutritive and protective qi.

Cerventi - 20% Off
This is the classical, unmodified version of Ge Gen Tang.
The name Cerventi is derived from the latin word for neck "Cervix", and the latin for wind "ventus".  Together they mean "wind of the neck" or "neck wind".

Hairball Gold for Cats - 20% Off
Supports normal & comfortable hairball management for cats. Plant-based ingredients high in mucilage content (naturally viscous) are combined with other herbs that assist normal elimination through the bowels and help the stomach feel comfortable. All botanical materials are extracted into a healthy base medium chain triglyceride oil, a product shown to be beneficial for general health in humans and animals.

3A Magnesia - 20% Off
An advanced, active, absorbable magnesia - A natural hyperosmotic that draws water into the colon like a sponge. Active Magnesia has up to 4 times the water-trapping ability of standard magnesium.

Nature's Lining - 20% Off
A chewable tablet which eases occasional heartburn by helping to strengthen the mucous lining that protects the stomach wall from gastric acid

Adren-Aid 1oz & 2oz - 15% Off
A specific formula for those who are doing too much or might be a little or very fatigued. It is also for those who are afraid of burn out or are possibly depressed and are living the Type-A fast paced life style.

Adrenal Rx Vegicaps, 90 Caps - 15% Off
Adaptogenic Herb formula for Adrenal Support. Contains (Organic*): Eleuthero Root*, Ashwagandha Root*, Cordyceps Mushroom, Schizandra Berry, American Ginseng Root, Rhodiola Root, Red Chinese Ginseng Root, Aralia Mandichuria Root

Rose Quartz, Large, Tumbled, EX Grade - 20% Off
Regulates and tonifies Heart Qi and Blood; Regulates and Invigorates Liver Blood, Regulates and generates the Ye/Thick Fluids; Absorbs heat

Qi Ju Di Huang Wan - 20% Off
Lycium & Rehmannia enriches and supplements the liver and kidneys

Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang - 20% Off
Du Huo & Loranthus dispels wind dampness, relieves impediment pain, supplements liver and kidneys, supplements the qi and blood.

Gold Ear Pellets - 20% Off
The gold ear pellets package features sixty adhesives made of round tan plaster tape with quality finish and polished 1.6 mm stainless steel pellets and bathed in 1 micron of gold. It is presented in a non-stick plastic card with cavities that aid removal of the adhesives and an auricular map integrated on the back. Plastic card is 100% recyclable !

VelveLife - 20% Off
Elk Velvet Antler Extract+ - Supports Blood Circulation Supports Stamina and Energy Level, Supports the Body’s Normal Inflammation response in Everyday Activities, Aids Joint Structure and Muscle Health, Provides Immune Support and Antioxidant Protection

Stress Formula Stick, Peaceful Rose - 20% Off
Find relief in this peaceful and luscious blend made with organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba oil and 100% natural beeswax. Carry the convenient stick balm with you wherever you go! Vanilla Rose scent.

Peach/Strawberry Scented Odor Absorbing Dog Gel, 14oz - 20% Off
Pawfresh Pets Odor Absorbing Gels with O.A.M. eliminate odors instead of masking odors with fragrance like many air fresheners do.  O.A.M. Gels are the perfect solution for beating latent odors. Slide-top lid allows for up to 90 days of odor absorption.

Geng Nian An Wan Teapills - 20% Off
Menoplease is an all natural Chinese herbal supplement used for menopause symptoms like hot flashes, restlessness, and insomnia.

Mu Xiang Shun Qi Pian Tablets - 20% Off
BloatEase is a classic herbal formula that may help reduce bloating and encourage a normal appetite by stimulating bowel movements and aiding healthy digestion.

Xiao Chai Hu Pian Tablets - 20% Off
Bupleuri Relaxe is one of the most famous Chinese herbal formulas in history. Its harmonizing property has found broad applications ranging from a bitter taste in the mouth, chest congestion, the common cold, jaundice, hepatitis, etc.

Zhuang Gu Xiao Ci Pian - 20% Off
BoneVigor (aka Gu Zhi Shu Song Wan) is a Chinese herbal medicine formulated to support healthy bone density. The Chinese medicine may help increase bone strength and stop bone loss commonly seen in postmenopausal women and older men.