February Specials

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20% Off Natura-Allergy
This formula addresses the Wind-Cold and Damp patterns with underlying Spleen Qi Deficiency. The herbs in the formula help relieve congestion of the lungs and head, strengthen Spleen Qi and resolve Damp in the Middle and Upper Burners..

20% Off Febris
The classical unmodified Yin Qiao San. Clears Wind Heat, Releases the Exterior.

20% Off Gan Mao
This is a combination of Gan Mao Ling and Yin Qiao San. Clears Wind Heat, Releases the Exterior.

20% Off Elderberry Syrup, 2 oz
Promotes normal healthy immune system function.

20% Off Adrenal Tonic
Supports normal healthy circulation and adrenal gland function.

20% Off Eleuthero Solid Extract
Promotes a normal healthy response to temporary stress.

20% Off Licorice Solid Extract
Promotes normal healthy liver and adrenal gland function.

Pet Wellbeing

20% Off Young at Heart 2oz and 4oz
Young at Heart is a liquid formula for dogs and cats, combining eight unique herbs. Together, these herbs have a gentle action on the body to support the health of the heart muscle, heart valves and blood vessels. Young at Heart is designed to be used every day and can safely be used by petss of all ages, as needed. If your pet is taking prescription medications, please review the precautions.

Gaia Herbs

20% Off Nighttime Comfort
Maintains healthy hormonal balance during menopaus & supports a restful night of sleep

Guang Ci Tang Tablets & Teapills

20% Off Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian Tablets
Clears Heat-Wind, purges Fire, and removes toxins.

20% Off Li Shui Pai Shi Pian Tablets
Used to increase urine production in cases of difficult and painful urination, and may help pass kidney stones, and clear the urinary tract.

20% Off Sheng Mai Pian Tablets
Replenishes both Qi and Yin energies, generates bodily fluids, and restores the pulse and physical strength.