October Specials

20% Off All In-Stock Items
Groundbreaking Pain Relief with Powerful Anti-inflammatory Mushrooms.
FDA Listed Analgesics
Menthol and camphor provide a cooling and heating sensation that distract the pain signals to the brain and induce vasodilation, which promotes blood flow to the muscles and joints.
Anti-inflammatory Properties
Research has shown that functional mushrooms inhibit the inflammatory response by suppressing the signaling pathways. These properties are the keystone to our innovative formulations.
Penetrating Relief
The combination of these properties in our naturally derived formulations work synergistically to offer deep penetrating and fast relief from aches and pains of the muscles and joints

25% Off Organic Jiang Huang Powder, 1lb
Curcuma longa (Tumeric) invigorates the blood, breaks up blood stasis, drives qi downward, treats wind-damp painful obstruction.

20% Off Whole Organic Calendula Flowers, 1lb
For centuries, Calendula has been a trusted remedy for promoting the healing of wounds and addressing various skin and gastric ulcers. Additionally, it plays a supportive role in maintaining the well-being of the lymphatic and liver systems. Its remarkable healing properties are believed to be, at least partially, attributed to its terpene composition.

25% Off 12'' Selenite Lamp
100% natural and handcrafted by master artisans using only hand selected top grade Selenite from Morocco. These lamps are a work of art standing approximately 12" tall and hand carved to perfection one lamp at a time to bring out the amazing natural characteristics of this earth mined selenite. Each lamp comes with a premium UL certified cord, bulb and dimmer switch which allow you to set the mood of the room with a soft gentle glow or to fill the entire room with a brighter illuminating light.

25% Off All Gemstone Trees
Gemstone Trees are made with all natural semi-precious gemstones estimated at 414-1251 pieces.