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Medify Air MA-35 Wall Mount Purifier (Black, White or Silver) - 20% Off
Cleans up to 640 SF in 30 minutes. Available in white, black or silver. Removes 99.9% of harmful toxins including allergens, odors, VOCs, smoke, pollen, pet dander, dust, smog, contaminants, and more down to 0.1 microns in size. LIFETIME WARRANTY - If genuine Medify filters are used at the recommended cadence.

Brain Gain Topical Mineral - 20% Off
At Ohm we love brain energy, enhancing memory, and improving creativity. Now, Brain Gain, the latest in a trilogy, to enhance recall, retention, and reset from aging, and or, illness. With a swipe of Brain Gain topical minerals powder across the forehead a few days a week, you'll feel your brain world open and achieve new heights!

Moon & Sun Mineral Bath - 20% Off
As only Ohm can do, we created a bath that encourages a full night of restful sleep followed by a day of fogless focus and energy. We researched a few common and uncommon minerals, and their not so well known attributes to help complete this almost impossible task.

KA-POW! Topical Mineral - 20% Off
Every morning get your brain's neurotransmitters firing in the best direction! Put a dab on the brow for memory, clarity and brain energy.

Hawthorn Berry Tea - 20% Off
100% Hawthorn Berry -  1.5g per bag.

Male Vitality Tea - 20% Off
Songaria Cynomorium root, Epimedium leaf, Curculigo rhizome, Codonopsis root, Rehmannia root, Stevia leaf, Jasmine flower

Menopause Comfort Tea - 20% Off
Epimedium leaf, Solomon's seal rhizome, Astragalus root, ELeuthero leaf, Goji leaf, Sea Buckthorn leaf, White Mulberry leaf, Angelica root, Stevia leaf, Jasmine flower

Red Sage Tea - 20% Off
100% Red Sage Root - 1.5g per bag.

Ohm Octave Tuning Fork Set, 136.1hz and 68.05hz - 20% Off
Package includes one Mid Ohm (136.1 hz) and one Low Ohm (68.05 hz) Tuning Fork, Activator (latex-free), plus 8-panel Instructional Booklet. Photos show how to correctly hold, activate and apply tuning forks. Instructions include an overview of Sound Healing, information about octaves and overtones, and recommended applications, including treatment for lower back/sacrum.

All In-Stock Items - 20% Off
DUX is a Brazilian company that is fully specialized in health products. All items are designed based on research with professionals from the area and developed taking into consideration criteria such as higher quality, proven efficiency and safety, as well as constant innovation. That results in supplies, utensils and equipment for professional use in Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy with the differential of technology, design and functionality.

SunSpot ES - 15% Off
Extra strength Glycoalkaloid Exfoliant - Doctor tested and recommended SunSpot ES glycoalkaloid exfoliant gel can help. Really help. SunSpot ES contains powerful glycoalkaloids from natural sand brier that help sloughs away the years. Just apply a dab of SunSpot ES twice daily.

Yin Qiao San 5:1 Liquid Extract - 2oz, 8oz & 32oz
Lonicera & Forsythia Combination - Disperses wind-heat, clears heat, and resolves toxicity. This is the classic formula for treating protective-level warm pathogen diseases. Its unique value lies in its integration of three distinctly different strategies: vent wind-heat from the exterior; clear heat from the Lung collaterals and resolve toxicity; and prevent the sinking inward of pathogens into the Pericardium or middle burner. - Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas & Strategies, 2nd ed. Complete extraction 5:1 liquid concentrate from Far East Summit processed using purified water and whole grain alcohol only. Alcohol content 16-25%.

Lunalux Liquid Extract - 20% Off
This is a combination of the classical, unmodified formulas: Chai Hu Long Gu Mu Li Tang and Suan Zao Ren Tang. The name Lunalux is derived from the latin word "luna" meaning "moon" and the latin word "lux" meaning "light". "Moonlight" is an apt name for this formula's ability to help promote sleep and rest.

Zizyphus Liquid Extract - 20% Off
This is the classical, unmodified version of Suan Zao Ren Tang. Within this formula, Suan Zao Ren, Fu Ling, and Gan Cao nourish and construct the heart spirit in order to quiet it. Chuan Xiong courses the liver and resolves depression, while Zhi Mu clears heat and eliminates vexation. This formula comes from: Zhang Zhong-jings late Han dynasty Jin Kui Yao Lue (Essentials from the Golden Cabinet).

Look! Toning Vein Cream - 20% Off
Classic herbs are collected and blended with essential oils – all renowned for maintaining healthy blood flow and vein health.

Mullein Flower Ear Oil - 20% Off
Certified organic and hand-harvested at their peak potency and processed in small batches to maintain the optimal quality of the plant.
Mullein flowers* (Verbascum densiflorum), fresh garlic* (Allium sativum), olive oil* and vitamin E. Extracted 1:2

Orange (sweet) Essential Oil, 10ml - 20% Off
A salivatory sweet-citrus fragrance, cold-pressed from organic orange rinds. A favorite oil with infants and children. Uplifting, balancing and harmonizing, Sweet orange gently relieves tension, moodiness and irritability. Helpful for dull or oily types of skin. Will combine well with most other oils and makes for a good deodorant.

Mushroom King Capsules - 20% Off
Mushroom King brings together six of the most powerful antioxidant mycelial extracts – reishi, maitake, shiitake, agaricus, coriolus, and cordyceps. Combined in one supplement, they enhance cytokine levels for better cellular function; while the amino acids support liver, brain, and immune system function to promote good health.

Viral Defense Capsules - 20% Off
This formula combines most of the ingredients of “Yin Qiao San” and “Gan Mao Ling”, those are two of the most popular TCM formulas used the Chinese market today to fight seasonal colds and flu. This formula uses extracted Chinese herbal powder and adding a few vitamins and minerals to enhance the effects of fighting seasonal cold and flu symptoms and provide immunity supports.

Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream - 20% Off
Arbordoun’s Abundantly Herbal Calendula Cream is formulated by hand to soothe, moisturize and rejuvenate skin of all ages. It is created from an emulsion of olive oil and beeswax, with herbal extracts of Calendula, Oregon grape and comfrey; aloe and purified water.

Yu Dai Pian - 20% Off
Feminclean is a Chinese herbal remedy specially formulated for women to assist in feminine cleanliness and restore your confidence.

Sheng Mai Pian - 20% Off
Pulsegenic is a famous Chinese herbal formula that replenishes both Qi and Yin energies, generates bodily fluids, and restores the pulse and physical strength. The all natural herbal supplement is ideal for sports and physical activities.

Wen Dan Pian - 20% Off
SpiritSoothe is a famous ancient Chinese herbal medicine that is used for anxiety disorders or insomnia caused by Phlegm Heat.

Geng Nian An Wan - 20% Off
Menoplease Pill is composed of 15 Chinese herbs which effectively clear heat and tonify the Yin to balance the body and relieve the symptoms associated with menopause.