By Jennifer Boehm Morrissey L.Ac.

From the beginning, Plantiva has been about building new bridges between traditional and modern healthcare. Over 25 years ago, while I was teaching acupuncture and Oriental medicine at Bastyr University in Seattle, my future husband Stephen Morrissey, who has a doctorate in Oriental medicine, came to teach and Chair the Oriental Medicine Department at Bastyr. His world view of health care integrated acupuncture and Chinese herbs with Western herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, and German functional medicine for his patients.

We joined forces with Dr. Ruotao Wang MD, a Western and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctor, epidemiologist, and professor at the China Academy of Preventive Medicine, as well as with Peter Goldman MD, Chair of Nutrition and Pharmacology at Harvard, to integrate the best of traditional and modern health science. Our common goal was to develop and scientifically validate natural health products that fill in gaps that are not well addressed by modern health science.

The current Plantiva products were fine-tuned over many years in our busy practice, with invaluable feedback from our patients.

Our goal, and we did set the bar a bit high, was to create formulas that in some cases offer almost immediate benefits, perceptible to the consumer, while being well tolerated even by a sensitive population. And, we didn’t want to ask people to just take our word for it, we wanted to demonstrate their safety and health benefits in scientific studies.
A brief lifetime later, we have undertaken 9 randomized placebo-controlled studies on Plantiva products, showing not just that they work but often quite quickly in one dose, and that they are very well tolerated.

We’ve worked for many years to establish high standards for quality assurance and quality control, all the way from the farm to finished product.

Stay Happy and Healthy