Continuing Education

Wai Ke/External Medicine

Evan Rabinowitz
APRIL 22-23, 2017
Asheville, NC

Wai Ke/External Medicine specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the external structures and superficial layers of the body where the wei qi / defensive qi is most active. Special emphasis is placed on Chinese spinal orthopedics which includes regulating tendons and muscles, herbal medicine and functional exercise. Multiple methods of external application will be taught, including the use of the following: soak-compresses, pastes, powders, inhalations, oral washes, enemas, and navel plasters. Wai Ke focuses its diagnostics on that which can be seen and felt to determine inner functions and what is hidden. This class introduces the foundational theories and methods of Wai Ke allowing practitioners to immediately begin using them in clinical practice. There will also be a focus on needling techniques and the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

$350 ~ 14 CEUs [Applied for NCCAOM & CALIFORNIA (category 1) credits]


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Josephine Spilka, L.Ac.

  • Learn to use essential oils easily and effectively in your healthcare practice
  • Understand the function and application of specific essential oils in the context of Chinese medicine
  • Utilize essential oils to treat the most common diseases and disorders
  • Have the freedom to take the series in any order!
  • Each part covers the basics of both use and strategy.

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Earn up to 30 CEU's

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Certificate in Chinese Herbal Medicine -  Asheville, NC

The Chinese Herbal Medicine program is a postgraduate course for Acupuncture practitioners who are seeking comprehensive training in Chinese Herbal Medicine. The  24-month program teaches practitioners to safely and effectively incorporate the use of Chinese herbs into their clinical practice.  Classes are scheduled in a convenient, modular weekend intensive format, allowing students to maintain their current practice while attending school. Institute of Chinese Herbology

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Earn Herbalist Certification (CH) and PDA/CEU Credits (up to 245 Hours)

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■ More comprehensive than most acupuncture school herbal programs.
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