Ilex 15, 250 tablets

Ilex 15, 250 tablets

Ilex 15, 250 tablets

SKU SF160-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and formed)
Actions Clear heat and toxin, Dispel wind

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English name Ilex 15
Description Ilex 15 is an antitoxin wind-dispelling formula based on three popular patent remedies for treating acute ailments, such as common cold and influenza: Yin Qiao Jiedu Pian (see Pine Mountain), Ganmao Ling, and Zhong Gan Ling (Effective Remedy for Common Cold). Ilex 15 has been used as a substitute for the Chinese patents for more than a decade, with excellent reports. Some individuals have utilized Ilex 15, at moderate dosage (about 6-9 tablets per day) during the winter season when colds and flu are most common, for the purpose of preventing illness. This application, using a detoxification approach, differs from use of another formula, Jade Screen Tablets, which emphasizes tonification of qi to protect against illness. For treating an infection, the most effective use of Ilex 15 is at the first sign of symptoms, such as scratchy throat or sniffles, in which case it may interrupt the development of the disease, with symptoms alleviated within a day or so by taking a large dosage (about 5-6 tablets each time) several times. Once the disease has fully developed symptoms, this formula may be used to alleviate symptoms or it may be better to use another formula at that point, such as Blue Earth Dragon, Platycodon 14, or Angelica 14 for specific symptoms of nasal congestion, headache, or sore throat. In addition to cold and flu, Ilex 15 can be utilized for early stage of skin eruptions, eye and ear infections, inflammation from injuries, and for wind-heat type headaches. In these applications, it is similar to Forsythia 18, which has 7 ingredients in common with Ilex 15; Forsythia 18 may be a superior approach to bacterial infection and Ilex 15 superior for viral infection.
Ingredients Mao Dong Qing (ilex) 14% Jin Yin Hua (lonicera) 9% Lian Qiao (forsythia) 7% Ban Lan Gen (isatis root) 7% Bo He (mentha) 7% Ju Hua (chrysanthemum) 7% Zhu Sha Gen (ardisia root) 7% Jie Geng (platycodon) 7% Lu Gen (phragmites) 6% Jing Jie (schizonepeta) 6% Fang Feng (siler) 5% Qiang Huo (chiang-huo) 5% Gan Jiang (ginger) 5% Wu Zhu Yu (evodia) 4% Gan Cao (licorice) 4%

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Ilex 15, 100 tablets

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