Gou Teng San Granules, 100g

Gou Teng San Granules, 100g

Gou Teng San Granules, 100g

Brand KPC Granules - Formulas
Unit Size 100g bottle
Dosage 1 tsp (2g)
Potency 5:1
Chinese Symptomology Headaches (often starting in the morning and persisting throughout the day), dizziness, hot flushes, tinnitus, insomnia, muscle tension in the neck and shoulders, lack of appetite, abdominal bloating, bloodshot eyes.
Actions Extinguishes wind, transforms phlegm, strengthens the Spleen, and enriches the fluids
Pattern Wind-phlegm with qi and yin deficiency
Tongue Red edges and a greasy coat
Pulse Soft but wiry and perhaps rapid
Chinese name Gou Teng San
English name Uncaria Powder, Gambir Formula
Description In Japan used for raised blood pressure and dizziness, particularly in older patients with arteriosclerosis

Serving size: 1 tsp (2)

Servings per container: 50

Shi gao (gympsum) 308mg

Sheng jiang (ginger rhizome) 230mg

Chen pi (citrus peel) 154mg

Ban xia (pinellia rhizome) 154mg

Mai men dong (ophiopogon tuber) 154mg

Fu ling (poria fungus) 154mg

Fu shen (Root poria fungus) 154mg

Ren shen (ginseng root) 154mg

Ju hua (chrysanthemum flower) 154mg

Fang feng (siler root) 154mg

Gou teng (gambir vine) 154mg

Zhi gan cao (licorice root) 75mg

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