Steady Centeredness, 60 tab

Steady Centeredness, 60 tab

Steady Centeredness, 60 tab

SKU K118A-60
Brand Kan Herbals
Unit Size 60 tablets
Chinese Symptomology Occasional headaches, numbness, dizziness, tingling sensations, vertigo, heat flushes, ringing in the ears, or vision impairment
Actions Astringes Liver, extinguishes Liver Wind and Sinks Liver Yang, nourishes Liver-Kidney Essence, astringes and stabilizes Kidney.
Pattern Excess Liver Wind and Yang with Deficient Kidney Essence, uncontained Liver-Kidney Essence
Tongue Compatible with many type of tongue appearances
Pulse Wiry pulse is generally common, maybe rapid.
Chinese name Fang Feng Tang & Tian Ma Gou Teng Yin
English name Steady Centeredness

Besides being responsible for much of human dynamics, both the Liver and Kidney are responsible for steady stability and centeredness. When the Liver-Kidney axis loses this contained steadiness and steady focus, many types of inappropriate, disruptive, destabilizing movements, thoughts, emotions and behaviors can develop. Steady Centeredness is the Kan version of a long tradition of herbal formulas that seek to harmonize the Liver's ability to store the Blood with the Kidney's ability to hold the Essence. Steady Centeredness is a critical remedy to astringe the Liver-Kidney Essence, address instability and reckless movement, and restore a person's sense of focused trust. Steady Centeredness is used to treat Liver excessive symptoms (Wind and/or Yang) and at the same time add the tempering power of the Kidney Essence's "softness". It is uniquely constructed to address instability and is especially helpful in the common situation where a person has both cold and hot signs or there is an absence of any salient or predominant hot-cold signs. It is also completely compatible for patterns that are clearly hot or cold. Its action is less about suppressing the Yang or cooling Heat, and more about rooting the Liver Blood/Essence into the Kidney Jing's sense of imperceptible time and timelessness. On the emotional level, Steady Centeredness is for a person who is caught between the Liver's pent-up tightness or pent-up anger and rididity, and the Kidney's fear and inability to provide a safe haven of patience, stability and trust. Steady Centeredness astringes and holds the Liver's non-corporal soul (Hun) and allows it to be vibrant and interactive while remaining connected to the inner astringent energy of the Kidney's dynamic stillness.*

Tian ma - Gastrodia rhizome
Du zhong - Eucommia bark
Shi jue ming - Abalone shell
Fang feng - Siler root
Huang qin - Chinese skullcap root
Zhi zhi - Gardenia fruit
Gou teng - Gambir stem branch and twig
Bai ji li - Tribulus fruit
Man jing zi - Simple leaf chaste tree fruit
Gou qi zi - Lycium fruit
Tu si zi - Chinese dodder seed

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