Yu Ping Feng Wan

Yu Ping Feng Wan

Yu Ping Feng Wan

Brand Jade Dragon Teapills
Unit Size 200
Dosage 6 teapills, 3x daily
Potency 3:1 / 180mg
Chinese Symptomology Intolerance of Wind; spontaneous perspiration; sneezing; pale complexion
Actions Replenishes Qi; Consolidates the exterior defensive system; stops perspiration
Chinese name Yu Ping Feng Wan, 玉屏風丸
English name Yu Ping Feng Wan (Jade Screen)
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Tonifying formula for patients who get colds often due to stress and fatigue. A tonic for use during cold season. Not for acute illness.


Huang Qi (Astragalus) 60%;

Bai Zhu (Actractylodes) 20%;

Fang Feng (Siler) 20%

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