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Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Capsules

Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Capsules

Xiao Chai Hu Tang, Capsules

Brand KPC Formulas - Capsules
Unit Size 100 x 500mg Capsules
Dosage 4 capsules
Potency 5:1
Contraindications This formula promotes the spreading out of yang qi, which can cause headache, dizziness, and bleeding of gums if taken long term.
Actions Harmonizes and releases lesser yang-warp disorders
Pattern This formula is designed to resolve the constraint located at the level of the lesser yang warp, or halfway between the exterior and interior, by means of a harmonizing strategy. - Bensky
Tongue Thin, white tongue coating
Pulse Wiry Pulse
Chinese name Xiao Chai Hu Tang
English name Minor Bupleurum Combination

"This is a cold pathogen constraining the lesser yang warp and impeding its ability to direct the clear upward and the turbid downward.* - Chinese Herbal Medicine Formulas & Strategies


Supplement Facts

Serving Size:  4 capsules

Servings per Container:  25

Amount per Serving (Herbal Extract)

Chai Hu (Bupleurum Root) - 516mg

Ban Xia (Pinellia Rhizome) - 516mg

Huang Qin (Scute Root) - 194mg

Ren Shen (Panax Ginseng) - 194mg

Gan Cao (Licorice Root) - 194mg

Sheng Jiang (Ginger Rhizome) - 194mg

Da Zao (Jujube Fruit) - 192mg

Other Ingredients:  Potato Starch

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