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Minor Bupleurum (120 tablets)

Minor Bupleurum (120 tablets)

Minor Bupleurum (120 tablets)

SKU KT134-120
Brand Kan Traditionals
Unit Size 120
Dosage 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Properties Eases a wide variety of chronic and acute disorders with a pattern of alternating fever and chills
Chinese Symptomology Wide variety of chronic and acute disorders where there are alternating periods of Heat and Cold, fever and chills, bitter taste, fullness in the chest and costal areas, nausea, vomiting, dry throat, irritability, and alternating symptom patterns, such as excess or vacuity. Chronic fatigue syndrome, immune deficiency, bronchitis, influenza, childhood respiratory disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, functional liver disorders and drug detox
Actions Harmonizes the Shao Yang, soothes the Liver, transforms Phlegm, dispels pathogenic Qi, supports the Correct (Zheng) Qi
Pattern Pathogenic Qi at the Shao Yang Levels, Shao Yang Channel Disorders
Tongue Thin white coat, possible red tip and sides
Pulse A variety of pulse patterns are possible
Chinese name Xiao Chai Hu Tang
English name Minor Bupleurum (120 tablets)
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"Minor Bupleurum Decoction" (xiao chai hu tang) is used in Chinese medicine to expel Pathogenic Qi from the Gallbladder/Triple Burner (shao yang) aspect, including the membrane source (mo yuan), where pathogenic Qi is said to hide. These disorders are considered to be "half internal, half external" in a "stalemate" situation where the body/mind is unable to expel the disorder, but it is not strong enough to overwhelm the immune system or progress to a deeper state. The hallmark symptomatology is alternating fever and chills. The prescription was designed originally for conditions like malaria, marked by alternating fever and chills along with periods of latency and activity. The alternation of Heat/Cold complex plus periods of latency and activity is also common with chronic immune disorders, such as chronic fatigue syndrome and other viral conditions for which Minor Bupleurum is extremely useful.

Ingredients chai hu (bupleurum root) huang qin (Chinese skullcap root) fa ban xia (treated pinellia rhizome) gan cao (Chinese licorice root) hong zao (red jujube fruit) ji lin bai ren shen (white Asian ginseng root) gan jiang (dried ginger peel) ji lin bai ren shen (white Asian ginseng tail)
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