Zuo Gui Pian, Tablets

Zuo Gui Pian, Tablets

Zuo Gui Pian, Tablets

Brand Guang Ci Tang Tablets & Teapills
Unit Size 200 200mg Tablets
Potency 5:1
Chinese name Zuo Gui Pian, Tablets
English name YinVive Plus Tablets
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Zuo Gui Pian (Zuo Gui Wan, Zuo Yui Yin, YinVive Plus) is a well regarded Chinese herbal formula invented 400 years ago. It is commonly used as an herbal remedy for sexual wellness, lower back pain relief and ailments resulting from Kidney Yin deficiency, which can be shown as sweat, low fever, dizziness, tinnitus, and soreness in the lower back.


A proprietary blend of:

Rehmannia root cured (Rehmannia glutinosa) (Shu Di Huang)
Chinese yam rhizome (Dioscorea opposita) (Shan Yao)
Asiatic dogwood fruit (Cornus officinalis) (Shan Zhu Yu)
Deer antler glue   (Lu Jiao Jiao)
Tortoise shell glue   (Gui Ban Jiao)
Lycium fruit (Lycium barbarum) (Gou Qi Zi)
Chinese dodder seed (Cuscuta chinensis) (Tu Si Zi)
Achyranthes root (Achyranthes bidentata) (Niu Xi)




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