Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, 360 teapills

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, 360 teapills

Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, 360 teapills

SKU HT145-360
Brand Herbal Times Teapills
Unit Size 360
Dosage 5 pills, 3 times daily.
Potency 3:1 / 300mg
Contraindications Can aggravate phlegm and food stasis causing bloating, nausea, or loose stools. Discontinue use during colds and flu.
Chinese Symptomology Yin deficiency causing dryness and heat
Western Symptomology Dry eyes, dry mouth, dry throat or dry vagina; weak lumbar area, deficiency headache, dizziness, tinnitus, hypertension, insomnia, night sweats, anxiety, fatigue; diabetes, chronic nephritis, infantile underdevelopment, hyperthyroidism, menopausal disorder, periodontal abscess
Actions Benefits the kidney, nourishes liver yin, cools deficiency heat, contains Jing.
Chinese name Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, 360 teapills
English name Six Flavor Rehmannia Pills
Description Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is a classical formula with many modern applications including diabetes, impotence, glomerulonephritis, hyperthyroidism, chronic nephritis, and chronic hepatitis. It is also useful, in terms of modern physiology, for reducing excess adrenal cortisol produced by stress. Its original application was as a pediatric formula for any of the five "delays": standing, walking, hair growth, teeth development, and speech. It is based on Zhang Zhongjing\'s Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan dating back to 220. Variations of this formula are also available as Mai Wai Di Huang Wan, Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan, Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan, Ming Mu Di Huang Wan, and Qi Ji Di Huang Wan. (Fratkin, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)
Ingredients Shu Di Huang (Rehmannia): 32%; Shan Yao (Dioscorea): 16%; Shan Zhu Yu (Cornus): 16%; Ze Xie (Alisma): 12%; Mu Dan Pi (Moutan): 12%; Fu Ling (Poria): 12%

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