Liu Wei Di Huang Pian

Liu Wei Di Huang Pian

Liu Wei Di Huang Pian

Brand Tanglong Tablets (American Healing)
Unit Size 60 tablets
Potency 5:1 / 750 mg
Properties This formula is useful for Kidney yin deficiency, especially fatigue related to working at night.
Chinese Symptomology Low back pain, sore knees, chronic swelling of the gum, teeth problems, dry throat and eyes, problems with closing of the fontanels, hot flashes, night sweats, nocturnal emission, ringing in the ears, dizziness, vision problems, premature loss of hair, chronic frequent and burning urination, lack of sexual fluids, premature ejaculation, pain during intercourse, hectic fever, feverish sensation in the palms and soles.
Western Symptomology Vegetative nerve functional disturbance, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, chronic nephritis, hypothyroidism, pulmonary tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, vertigo, deafness.
Actions Nurtures Liver and Kidney Yin
Pattern Liver yin deficiency;Kidney yin deficiency
Branch Liver, Kidney
Chinese name Liu Wei Di Huang Pian
English name Nourish Yin Tablets

This formula reinforces the Yin of Liver and Kidney, person with Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency. It is used for such symptoms as: dizziness, tinnitus, sore throat, soreness of the lumbar region and knee joints, tidal fever, nocturnal emission, night perspiration, heat sensation in the palm and soles, toothache, serious thirst. Taken regularly by middle-aged and old people, it will help to prevent aging, promote health and prolong life. Recent research using drug-induced memory loss in animal studies show that this formula can decrease the speed of memory loss and the result is better when this formula is taken in early age as a preventive method for Alzheimer's disease.


Shu Di Huang - Prepared Rehmannia; Shan Zhu Yu - Cornus; Shan Yao - Chinese Yam; Mu Dan Pi - Tree Peony; Ze Xie - Alisma; Fu Ling - Poria

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