Jin Gui Shen Qi Pian

Jin Gui Shen Qi Pian

Jin Gui Shen Qi Pian

Brand Tanglong Tablets (American Healing)
Unit Size 60 tablets
Potency 5:1 / 750 mg
Properties For conditions caused by Kidney yang function disorder including, bone problems like osteoporosis, neck problems or herniated disks, as well as tinnitus, memory loss, and menopausal symptoms.
Chinese Symptomology Chilliness, cold hands and feet, weak or sore back and knees, frequent or insufficient urination; unusual sweating, edema, improper movement of fluids with excessive or deficient release of urine, sweat, etc.; chronic wheezing and shortness of breath; “cold womb” or “cold sperm,” lack of sexual desire, fatigue after sexual activity.
Western Symptomology Chronic nephritis, diabetes, vegetative nerve disturbance, senile dementia, primary stage of prostatic hyperplasia, infertility, urinary dysfunction, amenorrhea, and other chronic disorders with the symptoms of lassitude in the loins, legs, and feet.
Actions Warms and tonifies Kidney Yang
Pattern Kidney yang insufficiency
Branch Kidney
Chinese name Jin Gui Shen Qi Pian / ba wei di huang
English name Golden Cabinet Kidney Qi Pill

This classical formula dates back to the early 3rd century, and is considered one of the basic prescriptions for tonifying Kidney Yang with its plethora of clinical manifestations. It basically supports Kidney Yin, adding two warming herbs, Aconite Fu Zi and Cinnamomum Rou Gui. This formula precedes Liu Di Huang Wan by 900 years, and is the origin of numerous Yin tonifying formulas: Mai Wei Di Huang Wan, Bu Shen Wan, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan, Ming Mu Di Huang Wan, Zhi Bai Di Huang Wan, and Er Ming Zuo Ci Wan. (Fradkin, Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)


Shu Di Huang - Prepared Rehmannia; Shan Yao - Chinese Yam; Shan Zhu Yu - Cornus; Mu Dan Pi - Tree Peony; Fu Ling - Poria; Ze Xie - Alisma; Gui Zhi - Cinnamon; Gan Jiang - Dried Ginger



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