Digest Aid, 2oz

Digest Aid, 2oz

Digest Aid, 2oz

SKU SS104-2
Brand Sage Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 2 oz
Potency 7:1
Actions Alleviates Qi stagnation;Alleviates food stagnation
Pattern Food Stagnation;Overeating
English name Digest Aid, 2 oz

Dispels Phlegm and eliminates Qi stagnation and food accumulation in the Stomach and Intestines.

The most primal experience of comfort and happiness begins with the act of suckling soon after birth. Eating, feeding, being fed and all of the concomitant sensations of sound, touch, smell, warmth and closeness quickly merge with the internal urges of appetite, the enjoyment of satiety and the innately pleasurable process of ingestion, digestion, assimilation and elimination. The earliest gustatory encounters are deeply imprinted not only as patterns within the neuronal networks of the central nervous system, but as rhythmic, sequential habits of the entire digestive tract. Recent research has revealed that the gut has incorporated, within itself, a distinct nervous system linked with, but also functioning independently of, the brain. “Gut feelings”, while difficult to disregard due to their intensity and intimacy, have now been authenticated by neurophysiologists: a person is endowed with multiple faculties for perceiving, interpreting and heeding the innate intelligence of the body.

Within the Chinese traditional view, the gut, under the governance of the Stomach and Spleen, is the center − the organizational nexus − of bodily life and social relations. The traditional Chinese greeting, “Ni hao ma? (pronounced nee how maah),” translates literally as “Have you eaten yet today?” The partaking of food, the rituals and procedures surrounding all aspects of its cultivation, preparation and consumption have, until the invention of “fast food”, commanded major attention and effort. The industrialization of food production, along with the mechanization and acceleration of cooking and eating, have profoundly altered our way of eating. An authentic center − the identifiable and distinct locus of orientation and poise − is embodied in the Organ Network of the Spleen, which inhabits the anatomical and functional center of the body. As is commonly assumed, but rarely acknowledged, good feeling toward oneself and others, as well as a sense of optimism, lucidity and exuberance, are largely dependent upon good digestion, with its consequent feelings of hardiness, contentment and conviviality.

The source of occasional poor digestion lies in the disruption of the Spleen Network: not only is it responsible for the processing of food and nutrients that form the basis of Qi, Moisture and Blood, but it is also the conductor and distributor of these constituents, upward and downward through the abdominal region, and outwardly to the four limbs. When these essential activities are sometimes impeded by over-consumption of food or weakened by under-nutrition, the vigorous, rhythmic, contractile waves of the gut may become temporarily irregular, leading to occasional gas and retention of undigested food. This may lead to the syndrome of Qi stagnation and food accumulation (Qi Zhi Shi Ji), occasional lingering hunger, unusual cravings, bloating and uneasiness after eating. Indulging the former leads to fleeting relief and persistent discontent, while satisfying the latter produces deep feelings of pleasure, affirming the soundness of the body’s instinctual intelligence.

Digest Aid supports healthy digestion by alleviating Qi stagnation and food accumulation. It is for those who experience sporadic digestive complaints like occasional bloating or flatulence and transient constipation or loose stool.


This formula is based upon the formula called Pill for Preserving Harmony (Bao He Wan), created by Zhu Dan-Xi in the 14th century. Zhu was a proponent of the Spleen and Stomach School founded upon the teachings of Li Dung-Yuan, who asserted that maintenance of healthy digestion was the key to robust health. Zhu’s original formula was designed to dispel food stagnation and accumulation caused by immoderate eating or consuming spoiled food. Additional herbs have been chosen to dispel Dampness, promote the proper movement of Stomach Qi, strengthen the Spleen and neutralize Du.

Charred Chinese hawthorn fruit, Radish seed, Chinese amomum fruit, Magnolia bark, Perilla leaf and dry fried Bitter orange mature fruit alleviate Qi stagnation, redirect Qi downward and gently activate the passage of food through the stomach and intestines, while Patchouli herb, ginger cured Pinellia rhizome, tangerine and Asian water plantain rhizome dispel Dampness and transform Phlegm. Black jujube fruit, Poria and White atractylodes rhizome strengthen the Spleen, tonifying Qi and regulating Moisture. Forsythia fruit and Chinese licorice root and rhizome purge Heat and neutralize Du.


Herb: Charred Chinese hawthorn fruit, White atractylodes rhizome, Black jujube fruit, Patchouli herb, Poria, Chinese licorice root and rhizome, Magnolia bark, Ginger cured pinellia rhizome, Radish seed, Forsythia fruit, Tangerine dried rind of green fruit, Chinese amomum fruit, Asian water plantain rhizome, Dry fried bitter orange mature fruit, Perilla leaf

Herb (Pinyin): Shan zha tan, Bai zhu, Hei zao, Guang huo xiang, Fu ling, Gan cao, Hou po, Jiang ban xia, Lai fu zi, Lian qiao, Qing pi , Sha ren ren, Ze xie, Chao zhi ke , Zi su ye

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