Bao He Wan Granules, 100g

Bao He Wan Granules, 100g

Bao He Wan Granules, 100g

Brand Treasure of the East Extract Granule Formulas
Unit Size 100 grams (5:1) extract granules
Dosage As Directed
Properties Source Text: Teachings of Zhu Dan-Xi (Dan xi xin fa)
Contraindications Unless modified, this formula is contraindicated in cases with Spleen deficiency.
Chinese Symptomology Stuffiness and fullness in the epigastrium, distention in the abdomen with pain at times, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, intermittent fever or dysentery due to retention of food.
Actions Resolves Qi and food stagnation.
Pattern Food Stagnation
Tongue Yellow, greasy tongue coating
Pulse Slippery pulse
Branch Spleen, Stomach
Chinese name Bao He Wan Granules
English name Citrus & Cratagus Formula Granules

Resolves Qi and food stagnation. *


Crataegus pinnatifida Fruit (Jiao Shan Zha),

Pinellia ternata Rhizome (Fa Ban Xia),

Poria cocos (Fu Ling),

Massa Medicata Fermentata (Chao Shen Qu),

Citrus reticulata Peel (Chao Chen Pi),

Forsythia suspensa Fruit (Lian Qiao),

Raphanus sativus Seed (Chao Lai Fu Zi)

Nose Drops

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