Bi Yan Wan Granules, 100g

Bi Yan Wan Granules, 100g

Bi Yan Wan Granules, 100g

Brand Treasure of the East Extract Granule Formulas
Unit Size 100 grams
Potency 5:1 extract granules
Contraindications Avoid hot and spicy foods during treatment.
Chinese Symptomology Stuffy or runny nose; Clear or colored mucus; Headaches and nasal drip
Actions Relieves pathogenic heat in the Lung
Pattern Pathogenic heat in the Lung
Chinese name Bi Yan Wan Granules
English name Coix & Mentha Combination Granules

This formula is used to treat the retention of pathogenic heat in the lung.*


Yi Yi Ren - Coix lacryma-jobi Seed;

Pu Gong Ying - Taraxacum mongolicum Herb;

Mu Gua - Chaenomeles speciosa Fruit;

Jin Yin Hua - Lonicera japonica Flower;

Yu Xing Cao - Houttuynia lactiflora Root;

Zi Hua Di Ding - Viola yedoensis Herb;

Chi Shao - Paeonia lactiflora Root;

Zao Jiao Ci - Gleditsia sinensis Spine;

Chuan Xiong - Ligusticum chuanxiong Rhizome;

Fang Feng - Saposhnikovia divaricata Root;

Jie Geng - Platycodon grandiflora Root;

Bo He - Mentha haplocalyx Herb

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