Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1-2 tablets each time, 2 times per day or 1 tablets three times per day.
Western Symptomology Sinus congestion

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English name Mentholain
Description Recurrent, chronic, or acute sinus congestion is a reason that many people seek assistance from those who provide herbal therapies. The main natural substance to be promoted for sinusitis therapy as the result of modern research is bromelain, a proteolytic and anti-inflammatory enzyme from pineapple. Several studies, some of them double-blind, were first carried our in Japan- and then in the West- during a brief period (1966-1967) with favorable results reported. This method of therapy has since been routinely pursued by practitioners of natural medicine, but no further research has been published. In the Orient, one of the main herbs used for sinusitis is ma-huang, which was the inspiration for the modern OTC drug products made with pseudoephedrine, one of the alkaloids of ma-huang. Unfortunately ma-huang has virtually disappeared from natural health care products due to adverse events reported from its abuse in weight loss and stimulant products. However, other herbs are widely used for sinusitis, especially the ones in this formula. Magnolia flower, angelica, and mentha appear in numerous traditional formulas, and pogostemon has been added in modern Chinese therapies. All have aromatic, penetrating volatile oils (extra menthol has been added here to complement the mentha extract). This formulation includes the flavanoid baicalin, which is understood to have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and anti-infection activities; its source, scute, is an herb commonly used in modern Chinese therapies for sinus inflammation. One can get additional baicalin and other useful substances by also taking Baicalcumin; additional amounts of the decongesting herbs of this formula are in Bi Yan Pian.
Ingredients Two tablets provide: Herbs (hot water extracts): Magnolia flower (xinyi): 375 mg Angelica (baizhi): 250 mg Pogostemon (huoziang): 250 mg Mentha (Bohe): 125 mg Special extracts: Bromelain: 600 mg Baicalin(95%): 400 mg Menthol (25%): 40 mg

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