Cordyceps 9

Cordyceps 9

Cordyceps 9

Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and combined with cordyceps mycelial extract, then formed)
Chinese Symptomology Immune deficiencyDeteriorating healthSweating due to chronic diseaseFatigue with afternoon feverish feeling
Western Symptomology Chronic asthma
Actions Nourish kidney/liverTonify lungAstringe essence

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English name Cordyceps 9

Cordyceps is a highly respected Chinese tonic that overcomes numerous deficiency conditions. For many centuries, cordyceps has been revered for its ability to treat weakness of the kidney and lung and to replenish the essence, but it has not been readily available because it is so rare. As a result, it is not mentioned in traditional prescriptions. Today, cordyceps is cultured and the material can be extracted to yield a high potency product, as used here. Cordyceps 9 is a means of ingesting cordyceps extract in a supportive formulation that is modeled after modern clinical applications of epimedium and asparagus. This is a balanced pairing of a yang invigorating herb (epimedium) and a yin nourishing herb (asparagus) The pair is used for disturbed immune functions and weakened hormonal output (especially adrenal and sex hormones); it nourishes the essence, helps overcome lethargy, and deepens the breathing. Asparagus is augmented by rehmannia and ho-shou-wu to enrich the yin. The astringent herbs terminalia, stalactite (which also tonifies yang), and schizandra are included for stabilizing kidney deficiency with persistent "leaking" of kidney essence (e.g., diseases that are worsening and fail to be controlled by standard therapies). One of the intended applications of this formula is to help patients who have been relying on steroid medications for treating asthma or other inflammatory diseases in their efforts to withdraw from the drugs or lower their dosage. Steroid use weakens the kidney essence, making it difficult to withdraw.  See also Epimedium 8.

Ingredients Dong Chong Xia Cao (cordyceps (e)) 15% Shu Di (rehmannia) 12% Yin Yang Huo (epimedium) 11% Tian Men Dong (asparagus) 11% Zhong Ru Shi (stalactite) 11% Tai Zi Shen (pseudostellaria) 10% He Shou Wu (ho-shou-wu) 10% He Zi (terminalia) 10% Wu Wei Zi (schizandra) 10%

Bao He Wan

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