You Gui Wan Capsules

You Gui Wan Capsules

You Gui Wan Capsules

Brand Treasure of the East Capsules
Unit Size 100 capsules
Dosage 3-6 Capsules, three times daily
Potency 5:1 extract granules encapsulated
Chinese Symptomology weakness and soreness of the loins and knees; cold and pain in the knees and lower back; cold or edema of the limbs; lassitude; spermatorrhoea, impotence; loose stools; incontinence of urine; Coldness, pain, soreness and weakness in the knees, lower back and lower extremities; cold hands; aversion to cold; exhaustion from chronic problems; edema on the lower limbs; dizziness; impotence; infertility; incontinence of urine; premature ejaculation of semen; spermatorrhea; loose stools; pale face; lassitude; spontaneous perspiration.
Actions Tonifies the Kidney Yang; Replenishes the Vital Essence and enriches the Blood
Pattern Kidney Yang Deficiency
Tongue Usually pale
Pulse Usually deep, slow, and weak
Chinese name You Gui Wan
English name Right-Return Pill

This formula warms and tonifies the Kidneys Yang; replenishes the Essence; enriches Blood.*


Rehmannia Root - Di Huang

Dioscorea Rhizome - Shan Yao - 630mg

Lycium Berry - Gou Qi Zi - 330mg

Antler - Lu Jiao - 330mg

Cuscuta Seed - Tu Si Zi - 330mg

Eucommia Bark - Du Zhong - 330mg

Cinnamon Bark - Rou Gui - 330mg

Cornus Fruit - Shan Zhu Yu - 240mg

Chinese Angelica Root - Dang Gui- 240mg

Other Ingredients:  Dextrin, Gelatin Capsule

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