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Ma Zi Ren Wan Granules, 100g

Ma Zi Ren Wan Granules, 100g

Ma Zi Ren Wan Granules, 100g

Brand TCM Zone Granule Formulas - 100g Bottles
Unit Size 100 gram bottle
Potency 5:1
Contraindications It is not for a pregnant woman.
Chinese Symptomology Frequent urination; stools very dry and firm; habitual constipation in convalescent elderlies or those with delicate constitution.
Western Symptomology Heat induced dryness in the stomach, constipation with hard stool that is difficult to pass, frequent urination ( the fluids which normally lubricate the bowels are passed into the urniary stystem.)
Pattern Dry Heat in the Intestines and a lack of secretion of Fluids; it is an emollient especially suitable for elderly persons.
Tongue Usually has a yellow and dry coating.
Pulse Usually deep, rapid or hesitant.

Moistens the Intestines, drains heat, promotes the movement of qi, and unblocks the bowels*.


Radix Ligustici (Chuan xiong) 4.09g; Schizonepeta Herb (Jing jie) 4.09g; Notopterygium Root (Qiang huo) 2.73g; Ledebouriella Root (Fang feng) 2.73g; Peppermint Herb (Bo he) 4.09g; Licorice (Gan cao) 2.73g; Cinnamon Bark (Gui zhi) 1.36g; Angelica root (Bai zhi) 2.73 g; Green Tea (Xi cha) 2.73g;

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