Qi Ju Di Huang Wan Capsules

Qi Ju Di Huang Wan Capsules

Qi Ju Di Huang Wan Capsules

Brand BioEssence Capsules
Unit Size 100 Caps
Potency 5:1 extract granules encapsulated
Western Symptomology Vision problems due to deficiency of Kidney Yin or Qi. Symptoms include blurry vision, dry and painful eyes, pressure behind the eyes, and poor night vision. Also applicable for dizziness, headaches, pain behind eyes, outburts of anger, heat in palms, restlessness and insomnia.
Actions Kidney and Liver yin deficiency in which Liver deficiency is the predominant aspect
Pattern Liver yin deficiency; Kidney yin deficiency
Tongue Red with thin coating
Pulse Thin and wiry
Branch Liver, Kidney
Chinese name Qi Ju Di Huang Wan Capsules
English name Lycium, Chrysanthemum, Rehmannia Formula Caps

This formula nourishes the Kidneys Yin; tonifies the Liver; brightens the eyes.*

  • Rehmannia Radix-Prepared (Shu Di Huang) 27.11%
  • Cornus Fructus (Shan Zhu Yu) 13.33%
  • Dioscorea Rhizoma (Shan Yao) 13.33%
  • Poria Cocos (Fu Ling) 10.67%
  • Paeonia Cortex (Mu Dan Pi) 10.67%
  • Alisma Rhizoma (Zi Xie) 10.67%
  • Lycium Fructus (Gou Qi Zi) 7.11%
  • Chrysanthemum Flos (Ju Hua) 7.11%

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