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Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

Qi Ju Di Huang Wan

Brand Great Wall Brand
Unit Size Box of 10 Pills
Dosage Take 1 pill two times a day.
Actions Kidney and Liver yin deficiency in which Liver deficiency is the predominant aspect
Pattern Liver yin deficiency; Kidney yin deficiency
Channels Entered Liver, Kidney
Tongue Red with thin coating
Pulse Thin and wiry
Chinese name Qi Ju Di Huang Wan
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This formula nourishes the Kidneys Yin; tonifies the Liver; brightens the eyes. It is used to help a person who has difficulty of vision because of Kidneys and Liver Yin Deficiency.*

Active Ingredients
Lycium Berries, Chrysanthemum Flower, Prepared Rehmannia Root, Chinese Yam Rhizoma, Asiatic Dogwood Fruit, Tree Peony Bark, Polyporus Sclerotium, Alisma Rhizoma.

Inactive Ingredients
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