Sappan 12, 250 tablets

Sappan 12, 250 tablets

Sappan 12, 250 tablets

SKU SF206-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (crude herbs are powdered, earthworm (lumbricus) extract is added, then formed)
Chinese Symptomology Pain in multiple sites
Western Symptomology FibromyalgiaPolyneuritisPolyarthritisReflex sympathetic dystrophy
Actions Vitalize bloodClear meridiansAlleviate pain

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English name Sappan 12, 250 tablets
Description This formula is a slight modification of the traditional prescription Shentong Zhuyu Tang (Decoction for Painful Body Due to Blood Stasis). That formula was designed by Wang Qingren and used to treat blood stasis affecting the meridians, causing pain, numbness, and sensitivity in the muscles, tendons, and joints. In Sappan 12, sappan replaces pteropus (wulingzhi) of the ancient formula, and it has been made the key herb. Pteropus (also called trogopterus, referring to the alternative source material) is primarily used in modern practice to treat lower abdominal pain and is an ingredient in formulas for gynecologic diseases causing pain (it is an ingredient of Lower Palace Tablets). Sappan, while sometimes used for this same purpose, is well-known as an herb for unblocking the channels and collaterals, which is the main objective of Sappan 12. Sappan is of the same botanical family and has similar active ingredients as millettia (Ji Xue Teng), but sappan has a stronger vitalizing and pain relieving action. Pains that appear many places in the body may be due to auto-immune disorders, and are typically treated with steroids and other powerful drugs that alleviate inflammation. The autoimmune process causes a disruption in the normal flow of qi and blood, eventually causing blood stasis that produces the pain. Chinese medical assistance is frequently sought for fibromyalgia, in which numerous imbalances occur along with weakness and disruption of qi and blood circulation. The desire to reduce pain and sensitivity to painful stimuli usually dominates the initial concerns to be addressed by the herbs. Sappan 12 may be used as the initial therapy, alone or with another formula for alleviating pain; for the long-term, underlying problems of deficiency or internal organ disharmony should be addressed (see Remission Tablets).
Ingredients Su Mu (sappan) 12% Qin Jiao (chin-chiu) 10% Chuan Xiong (cnidium) 10% Tao Ren (persica) 8% Hong Hua (carthamus) 8% Mo Yao (myrrh) 8% Dang Gui (tang-kuei) 8% Qiang Huo (chiang-huo) 8% Xiang Fu Zi (cyperus) 8% Chuan Niu Xi (cyathula) 8% Di Long (earthworm (e)) 8% Gan Cao (licorice) 4%


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