Salvia/Amber Tablets, 250 tablets

Salvia/Amber Tablets, 250 tablets

Salvia/Amber Tablets, 250 tablets

SKU SF202-250
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 250 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and additional salvia hot water extract is added; the mixture is formed)
Chinese Symptomology Anxiety or panic attacks
Western Symptomology Insomnia and nervousness
Actions Sedate agitated shenVitalize blood circulation

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English name Salvia/Amber Tablets, 250 tablets
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Salvia/Amber Tablets were designed on the basis of the Chinese concept that a frightful experience can lead to disturbance of the soul (Chinese: hun) and result in long-term psychological difficulties, commonly manifest as anxiety, panic disorder, nervousness, insomnia, nightmares, and difficulty concentrating. In this formula, salvia is selected as a sedative herb. In China, large doses of salvia are given for neurotic insomnia and numerous mental disorders. Ginseng is also used here for its sedative action; it was known traditionally for calming the disturbed spirits (shen, hun, po) and has only recently garnered the undeserved reputation of being a stimulant. Succinum (also known as amber) along with dragon tooth are commonly prescribed for disorders caused by fright. Succinum is the fossilized resin of pine trees, while dragon tooth is the fossilized teeth of ancient mammals, such as mastodon. Zizyphus nourishes the liver to allow the disturbed spirit to rest, and is one of the primary herbs of Chinese medicine to aid sleep. Bamboo sap clears the orifices to assure that the mind is clear and sharply focused. While some formulations, such as Zizyphus 18, are designed to alleviate emotional distress and insomnia arising from deficiency, Salvia/Amber Tablets is aimed primarily at alleviating mental distress from exterior influences, such as traumatic events. The formula was inspired by the traditional "pill to calm the spirit and steady the will" (Anshen Dingzhi Wan) and by modern reports of treatments for anxiety and insomnia. Other sedative formulations include: Acorus Tablets, Albizzia 9, Cyperus 18, Fu-shen 16, Zizyphus 18; Bu Nao Wan and Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan (Pine Mountain); and Nardova and Melazandra (White Tiger).


Dan Shen (salvia) 30% Hu Po (succinum) 18% Suan Zao Ren (zizyphus) 16% Long Chi (dragon tooth) 13% Zhu Li (bamboo sap) 13% Ren Shen (ginseng) 10%


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