Compassionate Sage, (8 oz.)

Compassionate Sage, (8 oz.)

Compassionate Sage, (8 oz.)

SKU K102-8
Brand Kan Herbals
Unit Size 8 oz.
Dosage 10-20 drops, 2-3 times per day
Potency 8:1
Actions Calms, nourishes, and stabilizes Spirit, nourishes Heart Blood
Pattern Heart unable to store Spirit (Shen), Heart Blood and Qi vacuity
Tongue A wide range is possible
Pulse No one pulse is suggested

This preparation is usually taken together with other formulas.  Commonly, a disturbance in other bodily energies will affect the Heart Spirit.  Disharmonies that are treated by Quiet Comtemplative, Relaxed Wanderer, Dynamic Warrior, or Prosperous Farmer can also affect the Heart Spirt and require the additon of the Compassionate Sage.  However, the Chinese do take this formulation alone if the appearance of a Sage pattern is present and unaccompanied by other indications. - Kan Herbals Formula Guide

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Chinese name hu po yang xin dan
English name Compassionate Sage, (8 oz.)
Description "This is the traditional formula for someone who has the potential for friendliness, humbleness, charm, and clarity, but instead lives in a state of frivolousness, envy, vanity, forgetfulness, and muddledness. This preparation is concerned with that part of the Fire element's power that is clear, makes it presence felt, and enlighten the outer environment and inner world." - Kan Herbals Formula Guide

"The Compassionate Sage acts on that aspect of our lives that is distinctly human. It affects what the Chinese call 'shen" or spirit. The Spirit is what is outgoing, advancing, and connects to life; it centers us and allows us to reach out. It allows affinity and clarity, and when it's not nourished properly we can become scattered and lose our sensitivity. The 'style of government' of the Fire organ, according to old Chinese texts, is enlightened and compassionate. Our Sage preparation adds deep sympathy and lucidity to how we sense the universe and ourselves: the Sage is designed to help on compassionately embrace the cosmos and the self." - Kan Herbals Formula Guide

"The development of this herbal formulation has a long history. Sun Dong-Su's 'Tonify the Heart Powder' found in his Profound Pearl of the Red Water (1540 A.S.), is our point of departure. However, we have modeled the Compassionate Sage most directly after Shen Ji-Nao's prescription "Amber Nourishing the Heart Pill,' found in his On the Importance of Life Preservation (1773 A.D.). To strengthen it we've added biota seed, mimosa bark, red sage root and reishi mushroom to Dr. Shen's formula derived from Cheng Guo-Peng's famous 'Calming the Spirit, Centering the Will Pill,' found in his Enlightenment of Medicine, 1732 A.D.). - Kan Herbals Formula Guide


Pinyin Name

Common Name

Long gu sheng

Dragon bone

Suan zao ren chao

Sour jujube seed (dry fried)

Yuan zhi da

Polygala root

Bai zi ren

Biota seed

Fu ling


Ji lin bai ren shen

White asian ginseng root

Jiu jie chang pu

Altaica rhizome

Long yan rou

Longan fruit

Dan shen

Chinese salvia root and rhizome

He huan pi

Silk tree bark

Hu po

Amber resin

Chuan huang lian

Coptis rhizome

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Ling zhi

Reishi fruiting body

Gan cao

Chinese licorice root

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