Salvia/Amber Tablets, 100 tablets

Salvia/Amber Tablets, 100 tablets

Salvia/Amber Tablets, 100 tablets

SKU SF202-100
Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and additional salvia hot water extract is added; the mixture is formed)
Actions Sedate agitated shen Vitalize blood circulation

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English name Salvia/Amber Tablets, 100 tablets
Description Salvia/Amber Tablets were designed on the basis of the Chinese concept that a frightful experience can lead to disturbance of the soul (Chinese: hun) and result in long-term psychological difficulties.*
Ingredients Dan Shen (salvia) 30% Hu Po (succinum) 18% Suan Zao Ren (zizyphus) 16% Long Chi (dragon tooth) 13% Zhu Li (bamboo sap) 13% Ren Shen (ginseng) 10%

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