Comfort Shen, 120 tablets

Comfort Shen, 120 tablets

Comfort Shen, 120 tablets

SKU CMS100-120
Brand Chinese Modular Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 120 Tablets
Dosage 1 to 2 tablets, 2-3 times daily
Contraindications Coma or unconsciousness; Drug or alcohol induced sedation.
Chinese Symptomology Occasional insomnia or restless sleep; Exhausting or disturbing dreams; Temporary anxiety and fright; Jitteriness and dizziness associated with nervous fatigue; Headache accompanying anxiety or emotional turbulence; Confusion associated with inability to concentrate; Soreness of the mouth and tongue or urinary discomfort associated with nervousness; Drug withdrawal syndrome with pain, anxiety, hysteria, and confusion
Actions Comfort Shen soothes the Shen by settling the Heart and Liver Yang, nurturing the Heart Blood, and strengthening the Kidney Yin. Unlike the formula for Supplementing the Heart, Comfort Shen emphasizes sedating and cooling.Reishi, polygala, polygonum, jubube, and ophiopogon nourish the Qi, Blood and Moisture of the Heart while calming the mind. Poria and amber ease the mind and help to clear Heart from the Heart via diuresis. Mother-of-pearl, dragon bone, and magnetite are dense and cooling mineral agents that subdue the Yang (Heat and Wind) that flares upward when there is hyperactivity of the Liver and Heart and can agitate the Hun and Shen. Lovage aids the other herbs by mobilizing Qi and Blood and dispelling Internal Wind. And lastly, schisandra helps to soothe the nerves by toning the Kidney and Heart, conserving moisture, and consolidating Essence. All together these herbs help to harmonize the Heart and Kidney, ease the mind, soothe the spirit, and relax the body, encouraging an attitude of serenity and fostering a feeling of inner peace.
Branch Heart, Kidney
English name Comfort Shen, 120 tablets
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Description Mind is the yang aspect of Jing-Shen (soma-psyche), the unity of body and consciousness. Whereas Jing (Essence) is stored and secured by the Kidney, Shen (Mind) is enveloped and protected by the Heart. The Shen is not synonymous with the Heart, but the Heart, through it governance of the Blood, maintains the matrix through which the enlivening power of the Shen expresses the true nature of the organism. Shen then is the "complexion" or fullest revelation of the essential nature (Jing-Shen) of the individual.

Without containment of the Shen, the body loses its "presence," the quality of animated gaze and attention that we recognize as humaness. This noncorporeal aspect of our being is somewhat autonomous and evanescent and is said to easily wander and desert its bodily vessel when startled or restless. Any number of influences may unsettle or disturb the Shen, such as lack of sleep, over-excitement, emotional shock or travail, fever, dehydration, or even great pleasure. This psychological uneasiness may, if prolonged or intensified, lead to intolerable anxiety, confusion, agitation, distortions of sensation and perception, mania, and even consciousness.

The interpenetration of Shen-Jing is likened to that of Yin-Yang. It is a grave consequence when the Shen is not peacefully settled within its bodily matrix, because this can result in a rupture of the fundamental unity and equilibrium of the organism.

Confort Shen soothes the Shen by settling the Heart and Liver Yang, nurturing the Heart Blood, and strengthening the Kidney Yin. Unlike the formula for Supplementing the Heart, Comfort Shen emphasizes sedating and cooling.
Ingredients Zhen zhu mu - Mother-of-pearl shell; Long gu (sheng) - Dragon bone; Duan ci shi - Magnetite; Bao mu fu shen - Poria with wood root; Yuan zhi (da) - Polygala root; Ling zhi - Reishi fruiting body; Ye jiao teng - Polygonum multiflorum stem; Suan zao ren (chao) - Sour jujube seed (dry-fried); Mai men dong - Ophiopogon tuber; Hu po - Amber resin; Chuan xiong - Sichuan lovage rhizome; Wu wei zi - Schisandra fruit;

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