Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian, Tablets

Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian, Tablets

Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian, Tablets

Brand Guang Ci Tang Tablets & Teapills
Unit Size 200 200mg Tablets
Potency 5:1
Chinese name Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian, Tablets
English name CoptisClear Tablets
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Huang Lian Shang Qing Pian (Huang Lian Shang Qing Wan, CoptisClear) is a popular Chinese herbal medicine that clears Heat-Wind, purges Fire, and removes toxins. This formula is used for the TCM syndrome that includes bloodshot eyes, canker sores, toothache, and constipation.


A proprietary blend of:

Coptis rhizome (Coptis chinensis) (Huang Lian)
Gardenia fruit (Gardenia jasminoides) (Zhi Zi)
Forsythia fruit (Forsythia suspensa) (Lian Qiao)
Simple-leaf chaste tree fruit (Vitex trifolia) (Man Jing Zi)
Siler root (Saposhnikovia divaricata) (Fang Feng)
Schizonepeta aerial part (Schizonepeta tenuifolia) (Jing Jie)
Fragrant angelica root (Angelica dahurica) (Bai Zhi)
Barbed skullcap root (Scutellaria baicalensis) (Huang Qin)
Chrysanthemum flower (Chrysanthemum morifolium) (Ju Hua)
Chinese mint aerial part (Mentha haplocalyx) (Bo He)
Chinese rhubarb root and rhizome (Rheum officinale) (Da Huang)
Phellodendron bark (Phellodendron chinense) (Huang Bo)
Platycodon root (Platycodon grandiflora) (Jie Geng)
Sichuan lovage rhizome (Ligusticum chuanxiong) (Chuan Xiong)
Gypsum   (Shi Gao)
Japanese elecampane inflorescence (Inula japonica) (Xuan Fu Hua)
Chinese licorice root (Glycyrrhiza uralensis) (Gan Cao)


Other ingredients: corn starch, dextrin, magnesium stearate

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