Freeing The Sun

Freeing The Sun

Freeing The Sun

Brand Three Treasures by Giovanni Maciocia
Unit Size 60 Tablets - 500mg Each
Potency 6:1
Chinese Symptomology anxiety, worry, depression, hypochondrial, epigastric or abdominal distension, poor digestion, abdominal distension and pain, constipation, loose stools, alternation of constipation and loose stools, insomnia, dream-disturbed sleep, headaches, slight thirst, feeling of heat, slight bitter taste.
Actions Move Liver-Qi, eliminate stagnation, nourish Liver- Blood, tonify Spleen-Qi, clear Liver-Heat
Pattern Liver-Qi stagnation, Liver-Heat (deriving from long-term Qi stagnation), Blood deficiency, Spleen-Qi deficiency.
Tongue Red sides with thin white or yellow coat, possible greasy
Pulse Wiry, rapid.

Three Treasures, Women's Treasures & Little Treasures Manual

Chinese name Modified Dan Zhi Xiao Yao San
English name Moutan-Gardenia Free and Easy Wanderer Powder

Long-term Liver-Qi stagnation which has given rise to Heat.*


Bo He Herba Menthae haplocalycis
Chai Hu Radix Bupleuri
Dang Gui Radix Angelicae sinensis 
Bai Shao Radix Paeoniae alba
Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae 
Fu Ling Poria
Shan Zhi Zi Fructus Gardeniae Mu Dan Pi Cortex Moutan
Xiang Fu Rhizoma Cyperi
He Huan Pi Cortex Albiziae
Suan Zao Ren Semen Ziziphi spinosae 
Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae uralensis
Da Zao Fructus Jujubae

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