Coptis/Evodia Tablets

Coptis/Evodia Tablets

Coptis/Evodia Tablets

Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and extract of jujube is added; the mixture is then formed)
Chinese Symptomology Intestinal infection
Western Symptomology Acid refluxGastric ulcer
Actions Purge fireDisperse stagnant qi

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English name Coptis/Evodia Tablets
Description Coptis/Evodia Tablets is based on Zuojin Wan (Pill of Left Gold), made with just two ingredients, coptis and evodia. Coptis is a cold bitter agent that purges fire, while evodia is a hot spicy agent that disperses stagnant qi. The combination is usually prescribed for cases in which the stomach function is distressed by liver qi stagnation and invading fire from the liver. A common manifestation of this liver fire invasion is burning sensation, either in the stomach, in the chest (due to acid reflux), or in the intestines (often accompanied by diarrhea). Coptis/Evodia Tablets also incorporates Xian Lian Wan (a two herb formula with saussurea and coptis) for fullness and distention in the upper abdomen, and Huangqin Tang (scute, peony, licorice, and jujube) for abdominal pain due to pathogenic heat. Unlike the bupleurum-based formulas that are often applied for liver/stomach disharmonies, the potent combination of bitter cold herbs and the hot spicy evodia more quickly alleviates symptoms (to be followed up by standard harmonizing therapies). The formula Bupleurum-S, which also addresses liver-qi stagnation affecting the stomach, is used there is fullness with little or no burning sensation or reflux. Evodia and coptis are strongly antiseptic; they inhibit Helicobacter pylori, associated with gastric ulcers (see also Propol-Gold). The antispasmodic pair, peony and licorice, aids the treatment of spastic reflux, intestinal spasms, and pain. The address significant qi stagnation, combine with Cyperus 18, Peony 9, or Shu Gan Wan (Pine Mountain). To relieve stomach irritation and acid reflux, add Altarulm (White Tiger).
Ingredients Huang Lian (coptis) 20% Huang Bai (phellodendron) 20% Huang Qin (scute) 15% Wu Zhu Yu (evodia) 10% Bai Shao (peony) 10% Mu Xiang (saussurea) 10% Gan Cao (licorice) 10% Da Zao (jujube (e)) 5%

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