Blue Poppy Topicals

Blue Poppy Topicals

Each Blue Poppy external formula starts with clinically proven results from the Chinese medical literature and is modified to meet the needs of modern Western patients. Every batch is carefully handcrafted using quality herbal ingredients to make the finest Chinese herbal ointments available today.

Acne Tincture

SKU: BP165
Unit Size: 4 fl. oz. (116ml)
Dispels wind, clears heat and resolves toxins; for lung-stomach heat acne.
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Antifungal Ointment

SKU: BP153
Unit Size: 1/2 oz jars

Qing Dai Gao

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Burn Ointment

Unit Size: 1/2 oz. jars
this ointment is for the topical treatment of burns and scalds
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Chapped Nipple Ointment

SKU: BP171
Unit Size: 1/4 oz. jar

This formula clears heat and cools the blood, moistens dryness and stops pain.

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Chinese Herbal Lip Balm - .5oz

Unit Size: .5 oz

This formula is created from Sun Si-miao’s and Wang Tao’s favorite Chinese herbs for soothing, smoothing, and moisturizing the lips.

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Chinese Herbal Night Creme

SKU: BP169
Unit Size: 2 oz Jar

Made from blood-quickening, qi-moving, fluid-engendering medicinals which have been used for more than 1,000 years for moistening and smoothing the skin of the face and body.

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Chinese Herbal Shampoo

SKU: BP300
Unit Size: 8 oz bottle
Moves the qi and quickens the blood in the scalp.
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Chinese Herbal Sports Massage Oil

SKU: BP173
Unit Size: 8 oz. bottle

This massage oil has been formulated Bob Flaws. This massage oil is the fruit of his many years of experience in both Western massage and Chinese tuina.

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Clear Heat Ointment

SKU: BP164
Unit Size: 1/2 oz. jars available
Si Huang Gao (Four Yellows Ointment)
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Cut & Sore Ointment

SKU: BP152
Unit Size: 1/2 oz. jars available
This formula clears heat and resolves toxins, moves the blood and stops pain, engenders flesh and eliminates putridity.
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Dr Bob's Medicated Oil, 2 oz.

SKU: BP166
Unit Size: 2 oz bottle
This is Bob Flaw's rendition of Po Sum On (Bao Xin An) Medicated Oil which was first introduced in 1907.
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Dragon's Blood Liniment

SKU: BP160
Unit Size: 4 oz. bottle

This liniment is for the treatment of blood stasis due to traumatic injury when there is pronounced pain and ecchymosis.*

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Eczema Ointment

SKU: BP175
Unit Size: 1/2 oz. Jar
Shi Zhen Gao
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Eczema Ointment, 2 oz

SKU: BP175-2
Unit Size: 2 oz jar
Clears heat and eliminates dampness, dispels wind and stops itching*
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Gout Ointment

Unit Size: 1/4 oz Jar
External application for gouty arthritis.
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Green Willow Liniment

SKU: BP159
Unit Size: 4 oz. bottle

This formula originally comes from the Tuina Department of the Anhui College of Chinese Medicine. It is meant for chronic, enduring musculoskeletal complaints.

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Hemorrhoid Ointment

SKU: BP163
Unit Size: 1/2 oz. jars available
This formula is for the external treatment of hemorrhoids. It is a formula created by Wang Ji Pin's contermpory.
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Herpes Zoster Ointment

Unit Size: .5 oz Jar
Chi Wu San, Red [Bean] & Centipede Powder
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Jade Dew Ointment 1/2oz

Unit Size: 1/2 oz.
This ointment is for the relief of pain, swelling, and redness associated with herpes simplex outbreaks or cold sores when applied before the blister has formed and broken.
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Liquid Moxa, 4 oz.

SKU: BP158-4
Unit Size: 4 oz.
Called "herbal application moxa" and "cold moxa" in Chinese, the application of stimulating medicinals to the skin has long been a traditional "nonmugwort moxa method" in Chinese medicine.
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Mastitis Ointment, 1/2 oz.

Unit Size: 1/2 oz. jar
Five Formulas & Miraculous Methods for the External Treatment of Women's Diseases. Use for unruptured breast abscesses (mastitis).
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Nourishing Yin Oil

SKU: BP148
Unit Size: 4 fl. oz.
Nourishes yin and moistens dryness.*
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Pain Stick

SKU: BP172
Unit Size: 1/2 oz. stick

This is Bob flaw's rendition of Po Sum On (Bao Zin An) Medicated Oil in an easy-to-use push-up stick.

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SKU: BP168-2
Unit Size: 2
This formula is for the topical treatment of dry, scaly psoriasis.
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SKU: BP168
Unit Size: 1/2 oz.

This formula is for the topical treatment of dry, scaly psoriasis.

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Psoriasis Tincture

SKU: BP155
Unit Size: 4 fl. oz. (116ml)
Dispels wind and clears heat, eliminates dampness and resolves toxins, kills chong (or "parasites") and stops itching; for wind damp heat toxin psoriasis.
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Scar Ointment

Unit Size: 1/2 oz jar
Quickens the blood and breaks stasis helping active (i.e., red-purple) scars heal more completely, softens hardness and empirically treats scars.

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Shaolin Dee Dat Jow

SKU: BP151
Unit Size: 4 oz. bottle
Dee Dat Jow is the Cantonese for die da jiu, fall and strike wine; Shaolin is the name of the famous Chinese monastery where martial arts were practiced and developed.
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Spirit Quieting Massage Oil

SKU: BP162
Unit Size: 8 oz bottles

This massage oil is made from several Chinese herbs which are all famous for calming the heart, coursing the liver, quieting the spirit, and resolving depression.

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Sprain Ointment

SKU: BP167
Unit Size: 2 oz jar
Published research has shown this ointment to be 99% effective within three days for the treatment of sprained ankle when treatment was initiated in the first 48 hours after injury and when combined with acupressure.
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Stop Itch Stick

Unit Size: 1/2 oz tube
designed to help with springtime bug (mosquito) bites and other minor skin irritations.
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Stop Itch Tincture

SKU: BP150-4
Unit Size: 4 oz bottle
Zhi Yang Ding, or Stop Itching Tincture, is a well-known Chinese dermatological formula for external applications.
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Stop Pain Tincture

SKU: BP157-4
Unit Size: 4 oz bottle
Song Yao Jiu (Carthamus & Nardostachys Medicinal Wine) For the symptomatic relief of any pattern of pain when applied externally to the affected area.
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Three Angels Liniment

SKU: BP161
Unit Size: 4 oz bottle
San Miao San (Three Wonders Powder) with additional ingredients - an external liniment for wind, damp, heat impediment conditions.
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Toenail Tincture

SKU: BP149
Unit Size: 4 oz bottle
Jia Xian Ding
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