Dr Bob's Medicated Oil, 2 oz.

Dr Bob's Medicated Oil, 2 oz.

Dr Bob's Medicated Oil, 2 oz.

Brand Blue Poppy Topicals
Unit Size 2 oz bottle
Dosage Adults and children two years of age and older: Apply to affected area not more than 3=4 times daily. Children under two years of age: Do not use; consult a licensed health care practitioner.
Chinese Symptomology move the qi and qickens the blood
Western Symptomology disperses inflammation and stops pain and itching
Actions move the qi, quickens the blood, stimulates the qi and blood,cool and clear heat, warms and frees the flow of the channels and vessels, when used topically, it also resolves toxins and emolliates and softens the skin.
English name Dr. Bob's Medicated Oil, 2 oz.

This is Bob Flaw's rendition of Po Sum On (Bao Xin An) Medicated Oil which was first introduced in 1907. In the early 1900's, Kwok Chu-nam, an expert in Chinese medicine, developed a medicated oil for external use with a blend of Chinese medicinal herbs. He named it Po Sum On, "Protect the Heart" Medicated Oil. As the story goes, friends and relatives were given this new product to try. When its effects were further proven, the product was officially marketed in Hong Kong and, from there, throughout East Asia. With a proven healing power for all sorts of complaints and supported by word-of-mouth, Po Sum On eventually became a household name in the Far East. Now this oil is available in an American version. It is still made with the same high quality ingredients but according to Western standards of manufacturing and packaging at a significantly lower price.


Bo He You ( Peppermint oil - Oleum Menthae Piperitae )
Xue Jie ( Sanguis Draconis )
Cha You (Tea oil - Oleum Camelliae Theae, Tea Oil, not tea tree oil )
Huang Qin ( Radix Scutellariae )
Gui You ( Cinnamon oil - Oleum Cinnamomi Cassiae )
Gan Cao ( Radix Glycyrrhizae )

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