Dr. Shir's Liniment, 2 oz

Dr. Shir's Liniment, 2 oz

Dr. Shir's Liniment, 2 oz

Brand Spring Wind
Unit Size 2 fl. oz. SPRAY BOTTLE
Dosage Liniment should be rubbed very lightly, in a circular motion, into the affected area. To achieve best results keep the spot moist with liniment as you rub for 20-30 minutes. When appropriate, liniments are especially effective following a steam-soak. T
Chinese Symptomology Trauma
Actions Clears heat;Move blood;Dispels stasis;Relieves pain;Disperses accumulations
Pattern Wind damp;Blood stasis

Also available in 4 oz size

English name Dr. Shir's Liniment, 2 oz
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This liniment is unique in that it is designed to treat all stages of trauma. It is a balanced formula that relieves pain and swelling, quickens blood, dispels wind-damp and dissipates stasis. Dr. Shir's Liniment is one that was given to him through a lineage of teachers and is said to be from the famous Shao Lin Temple Monastery.
Ingredients Ethyl alcohol, Mastic, Myrrh, Drynaria, Turmeric, Asarum, Tangkuei, Zedoaria, Citrus peel, Rhubarb, Sichuan aconite, Aconite, Safflower, Pinellia, Rehmannia, Gardenia and Camphor.

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