Bronchial Relief, 1 oz.

Bronchial Relief, 1 oz.

Bronchial Relief, 1 oz.

SKU VW306-1
Brand Vitality Works
Unit Size 1 fl. oz.
Dosage Herb Weight Equivalence: 1 ml = 500 mg (30 drops equals 1 ml)
English name Bronchial Relief
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Bronchial Relief is indicated for acute and chronic cough marked by heat signs of yellow phlegm, sensation of heat and pain in the chest and red tip tongue. Symptoms also include barking cough, nasal congestion or discharge. It can be used for cough due to common cold, acute or chronic bronchitis, emphysema, pertussis (whooping cough), and smoker's cough. Cough with phlegm is difficult to eradicate in a short time. Herbal therapy (Chinese or western) is the best choice, compared with OTC, antibiotic, or homeopathy. Patients need to refrain from sugar, fatty foods and oils, and excessive treads and carbohydrates. Patients need to avoid exertion.


Yu Xing Cao - Houttuynia Herb; Fu Ling - Poria cocos; Jie Geng - Platycodon Root; Huang Qin - Skullcap Root; Zhi Shi - Bitter Orange Fruit; Chuan Bei Mu - Fritillaria Bulb; Sang Bai Pi - White Mulberry Root Bark; Chen Pi - Citrus; Gan Cao - Licorice Root; Ban Xia - Pinellia Root; Gan Jiang - Ginger Root

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