Pulmonary Tonic Tablets

Pulmonary Tonic Tablets

Pulmonary Tonic Tablets

Brand Peacock Brand Herbs
Unit Size 60 tablets
Dosage Take 4-6 tablets, three times a day
Chinese Symptomology Dry cough due to lung heat;Sticky yellow phlegm that is hard to expectorate;Lung Fire Cough
Western Symptomology Cough
Actions Clears lung heat, stops bleeding, relieves cough, nourishes lung yin.
Pattern Lung heat; Lung yin deficiency
Chinese name Li Fei Tang Yi Pian; 華山牌利肺 (糖衣片) (60片)
English name Sugar-coated Pulmonary Tablets; Benefit Lung Decoction Sugar-Coated Tablets
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"This formula was originally used to treat chronic dry heat cough due to advanced lung tuberculosis; thus the attention to coughing up of blood. In spite of its original application in tuberculosis and expectoration of blood, it is very effective for controlling heat in the lungs causing dry painful cough.* (Jake Fratkin - Chinese Herbal Patent Medicines)


Active Ingredients Calcium, Bletilla Rhizome, Stemonia Root, Schisandra Fruit, Oyster Shell, Loquat Leaf, Lily Bulb, Chinese Licorice Root, Gecko, Cordyceps Fungus.

Inactive Ingredients Talc, Cornstarch, Alcohol, and Colored With Carmine.

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