Brand White Tiger
Unit Size 84 tablets
Dosage 1 tablet each time, 3 times daily.
Western Symptomology Soft tissue injuries, especially of the tendons and joints, including tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome; disc problems.

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English name Bromelgin

Bromelgin was designed to provide a high dose of bromelain, an enzyme that is mainly used for the treatment of injuries, disk problems, tendon inflammation (also, see its application for sinus inflammation in Mentholian). The most purified bromelain is used and the dosage is higher than usually provided in commercial products (600 mg vs. 500 mg). When taken on an empty stomach (at least one hour before or after meals) a portion of the bromelian is absorbed and it accumulates at sites of inflammation. It then breaks down inflammatory proteins and aids the rapid recovery of normal tissue conditions. Drynaria extract was added to enhance the effects: this herb is a principal Chinese treatment for damage by injuries or internal degeneration. For example, it is a key ingredient of Drynaria 12, used for osteoarthritis, and it is included in Eucommia 18 for nourishing tendons and ligaments. One of its active ingredients, the flavonoid naringin, has anti-inflammatory properties. It is important to avoid re-injuring the body by repeated stressful use during the healing process. Slow healing, in the absence of continued trauma, may be the result of stagnation of circulation, with accumulation of moisture (causing stiffness or numbness) or stagnation of blood (causing sharp pain). Therefore, additinal therapies may be necessary to assure rapid healing. persons who are obese or have obvious swelling of the affected part should consider use of a moisture-resolving therapy; those who have bruising, sharp pain or accompanying circulatory disorders should consider use of a blood vitalizing therapy.


One tablet provides: Enzyme: Bromelain: 600 mg Herb: Drynaria (e) (gusuibu): 500 mg

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