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Brocade Sinews

Brocade Sinews

Brocade Sinews

Brand Three Treasures by Giovanni Maciocia
Unit Size 60 Tablets - 500mg Each
Potency 6:1
Chinese Symptomology Chronic soreness and slight swelling of the joints, dizziness, numbness or tingling of limbs, poor memory, insomnia, dry skin and hair, dry eyes, blurred vision.
Actions Nourish Liver-Blood and Liver-Yin, benefit sinews, expel Wind-Dampness from the joints.
Pattern Chronic Wind-Damp Painful Obstruction (Bi) Syndrome with Liver- Blood and/or Liver-Yin deficiency.
Tongue Pale and thin if there is Liver-Blood deficiency or red and thin without coating if there is Liver-Yin deficiency
Pulse Choppy or fine, possibly only on the left side. In the case of Liver-Yin deficiency it could be empty at the deep level on the left side.

Three Treasures Manual

English name Brocade Sinews
Description Bi Syndrome occurring against a background of Liver-Blood
deficiency, especially in women*

Dang Shen Radix Codonopsis 
Dang Gui Radix Angelicae sinensis 
Chuan Xiong Rhizoma Chuanxiong 
Bai Shao Radix Paeoniae alba 
Shu Di Huang Radix Rehmanniae preparata 
Gou Qi Zi Fructus Lycii chinensis 
Sang Ji Sheng Herba Taxilli 
Sang Zhi Ramulus Mori 
Wei Ling Xian Radix Clematidis Mu Gua Fructus Chaenomelis 
Wu Jia Pi Cortex Acanthopanacis 
Xi Xian Cao Herba Siegesbeckiae 
Ji Xue Teng Caulis Spatholobi 
Fu Ling Poria 
Yi Yi Ren Semen Coicis 
Cang Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis 
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis Preparata

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