Basic Boost (Tired Solution), 300 tab

Basic Boost  (Tired Solution), 300 tab

Basic Boost (Tired Solution), 300 tab

SKU SS100-300
Brand Sage Solutions by Kan Herb Company
Unit Size 300 tablets
Dosage 1 to 2 tablets, 2-3 times daily
Contraindications Acute cold, allergy, or flu; infection or inflammation; headache
Chinese Symptomology Weariness and weakness due to overwork, mental and emotional strain; Lack of rest, nourishment and satisfaction; Tiredness and difficulty arising even after a full night's sleep;Sleepiness and tiredness in the afternoon;Excessive perspiration with minimal effort;Chilliness and sensitivity to wind and changes in the weather;Lowered resistance to infection, allergens, and environmental pollution.
Western Symptomology Fatigue;Low immunity
Actions This formula restores Qi by strengthening the ability of the Spleen to transform, the Lung to transmute, and the Kidney to concentrate and retain. It not only expands the body\\'s capacity for Qi, it also helps the body to utilize it intelligently. The combination of increased capacity and greater intelligence makes the body comfortable and powerful.
Pattern Spleen, Lung and Kidney Qi vacuity

For Weariness and weakness due to overwork, mental or emotional strain, and lack of sleep, this formula renews bodily strength, mental determination, and enthusiasm by fortifying the Three Sources of Qi.* Together astragalus, ginseng and eleutherococcus strengthen the Sleen and Lung, tonfiying the Qi of the exterior and the interior. Eleutherococcus augments the potent, invigorating ability of ginseng to increase strength, endurance, and accelerate recovery from fatigue. Atractylodes and licorice assist in strengthening the Spleen, consolidating the Qi at the surface (the wei or Defensive Qi), and reinforcing the Qi of the interior (the ying or Nutritive Qi). Long pepper, aurantium, and platycodon warms the Spleen, Lung, and Kidney, and enhance the circulation of Qi throughout the body, activating respiration and digestion while alleviating stagnation and accumulation. Schisandra strengthens the Lung and Kidney by anchoring that which is received by the Lung and gathered by the Kidney. Forsythia, in partnership with licorice, counters and dissipates Heat produced by hyperactivity - the response to fatigue - as well as the warmth generated by the other ingredients.*



Pinyin Name

Common Name

Huang qi

Astragalus root

Ci wu jia

Eleuthero root and rhizome

Bai zhu

White atractylodes rhizome

Wu wei zi

Schisandra fruit

Bai ren shen

White Asian ginseng root and rhizome

Bi ba

Long pepper fruit

Zhi gan cao

Honey fried Chinese licorice root & rhizome

Chao zhi ke

Dry fried bitter orange mature fruit

Lian qiao

Forsythia fruit

Jie geng

Platycodon root

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