Augmented Four Substances, 120 Tablets

Augmented Four Substances, 120 Tablets

Augmented Four Substances, 120 Tablets

SKU KT104B-120
Brand Kan Traditionals
Unit Size 120 Tablets
Contraindications Contraindicated during Pregnancy. Not for acute conditions involving severe loss of blood.
Chinese Symptomology Menstrual discomfort with a shortened cycle, menstrual cramps, menstrual disorders, occasional lower abdominal pain, muscle tension, eye strain and blurry visioni, dry and cracked nails, a pasty pale complexion, occasional dizziness, palpitationis, eye floaters, occasional emotional restlessness, anxiety and irritability.
Actions Nourishes the Blood, tonifies the Liver and Kidney, regulates the Liver, moves Qi and Blood, regulates the menses and relieves menstrual discomfort
Pattern Liver and Heart Blood deficiency and Blood Stasis
Tongue May vary between pale to normal to dark and purple depending on the amount of deficiency versus stagnation
Pulse May vary: with deficiency empty, weak, thin, and wiry, or a choppy and wiry pulse if stagnation predominates

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Chinese name Tao Hong Si Wu Tang
English name Augmented Four Substances, 120 Tablets

Augmented Four Substances encourages a healthy condition and flow of Blood, and vigorously moves both Qi and Blood. Deficient Blood, which is not plentiful enough, does not flow well, leading to the concurrent pattern of Blood stasis. Together, this insufficiency and stasis of the Blood in the womb leads to menstrual irregularity, often with a shortened cycle, and lower abdominal and periumbilical menstrual cramps, usually at the start of the menstrual flow, with dark or purplish, sticky menstrual blood. When this pattern lingers long term hard abdominal masses may form which, in turn, further obstruct the flow of Qi and Blood, causing recurrent pain. While this formula was designed for menstrual irregularities, it is appropriate for both men and women when the flow of Blood and Qi is impeded.* (Kan Herb Company)



Pinyin Name

Common Name

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Chi shao

Chinese red peony root

Shu di huang

Rehmannia root (prepared)

Tao ren

Peach seed

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Hong hua

Carthamus flower

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