Dang Gui - Angelicae sinensis Radix, 5ml

Dang Gui - Angelicae sinensis Radix, 5ml

Dang Gui - Angelicae sinensis Radix, 5ml

Brand Alchemica Botanica TCM Essential Oils
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Dang Gui - Angelicae sinensis Radix, 5ml

"Dang Gui" expresses the deeply supportive and nurturing character of this herb. Dang meaning to embody and Gui meaning to enter or return to the original state—to go home in a sense. Dang Gui's sweet scent of moist fertile earth from the deep forest opens up in the mouth and moves down into the middle jiao. It seems to soften the eyes and the vision, warm around the ears and make the body and mind feel soft, supple and receptive.

Our Dang Gui oil is CO2 extracted from the medicinal root of Angelica Sinensis, a hardy perennial which grows wild on high ground in cool and damp areas of western and northwestern China.

The properties of Dang Gui include nourishing, invigorating, warming and harmonizing the blood, making it one the most widely used and versatile herbs for dealing with a wide range of blood patterns including deficiency, pain, dryness and cold.

Dang Gui essential oil is ideal for gynecological issues, for the healing of injuries where blood is congested, as well as for a disturbed spirit due to blood deficiency. The oil can be especially useful topically for numbness or skin problems caused by blood-deficient wind.

Clinical studies have shown that Dang Gui essential oil has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscle of the uterus and is effective in reducing menstrual pain. It was also found to benefit patients with coughing and wheezing.

Note: middle and base

TCM Category: tonify blood

Major chemical components: ligustilide >35% (from Kaiping extractor analysis), phenols

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