Dang Gui Pian (high grade - Sliced)

Dang Gui Pian (high grade - Sliced)

Dang Gui Pian (high grade - Sliced)

Brand Asia Naturals Raw Herbs
Unit Size 1 pound
Dosage 4.5-15 gms in decoction - Bensky
Taste Sweet, acrid
Properties Warm
Contraindications Stomach and Spleen deficiency with loose stools
Chinese Symptomology Pallid, ashen complexion; Lusterless nails; Tinnitus; Blurred Vision; Palpitations; Blood deficiency associated with irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and dysmenorrhea; Abdominal pain; Traumatic injury; Carbuncles due to blood stasis, especially when accompanied by cold from deficiency; Chronic wind-damp painful obstruction; Constipation; Cough
Actions Tonifies the blood and regulates the menses; Invigorates and harmonizes the blood and disperses cold; Moistens the Intestines and unblocks the bowels; Treats coughs
Pattern Blood deficiency, especially affected the Heart and Liver; Blood stasis and cold; Dry intestines due to blood deficiency
Channels Entered Heart; Liver: Spleen
Branch Heart; Liver: Spleen

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Chinese name Dang Gui Pian (high grade - Sliced)
English name Angelica Sinensis Radix; Dong Quai; Tang Kuei
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The sweetness of Angelicae sinensis Radix (dang gui) tonifies and moistens, its acrid flavor disperses, its bitterness drains, and its warmth unblocks. These properties make it the most appropriate herb for harmonizing the blood, which means that it both invigorates and tonifies the blood, and is suitable for all blood patterns involving stasis, deficiency, dryness, or cold. When the blood is sufficient and move harmoniously, the qi will also circulate properly; the Grand Materia Medica therefore calls this an herb "for the qi within the blood." Proper movement of both qi and blood eliminates pain, expels wind, restores normal menstrual flow, assists healing, and moistens dryness. The type of dryness it particularly addresses is that in the Intestines causing constipation, as noted in the Essentials of the Materia Medica, which says that it "moistens dryness and lubricates the Intestines." Bensky: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica.*

Ingredients Dang Gui - Angelicae sinensis Radix

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