Vitality GC Tablets

Vitality GC Tablets

Vitality GC Tablets

Brand Seven Forests
Unit Size 100 tablets (crude herbs are powdered and formed)
Western Symptomology Coronary heart diseaseEarly stage congestive heart failureBrain dysfunction due to poor circulation
Actions Invigorates qiVitalizes bloodDrains fluid accumulation

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English name Vitality GC Tablets
Description Vitality GC Tablets were designed with reference to Zhenwu Tang, commonly called Vitality Combination, and names after the "god who controls water," Zhenwu; the characters translate as true warrior (another common name given to the formula). The basic concept is to enhance the heart qi to circulate water. When the heart becomes severely weakened, as in congestive heart failure, water sinks down to the legs. In less severe forms, there can be puffines of the body and a sense of heaviness or numbness due to water accumulation and blood stagnation (usually accompanied by fatigue). In Chinese clinical practice, most problems involving the heart are treated with substantial doses of ginseng (or the combination of ginseng and san-chi). Herbs that promote blood circulation, such as cnidium, carthamus, and red peony, are frequently included because blood stasis is a common syndrome associated with cardiac disorders. Ginseng with cinnamon twig (GC in the formula name) warms the heart yang; herbs with alkaloid components, as key active ingredients, such as aconite in the original Zhenwu Tang, are not included due to concerns about herb-drug interactions (cnidium contains a small amount of ligustrazine, safely used with modern drug therapies in China). The blood vitalizing component is kept relatively small, with effective herbs of mild nature that can be used regularly (little chance of interaction with drugs; a blood vitalizing formulation, such as Styrax 14, can be added if appropriate to the case). Hoelen with atractylodes (from the original Zhenwu formulation) will help drain any accumulated fluids and aid qi tonification. For additional cardiac support, see Cartaequin (White Tiger); for aiding circulation to the brain, consider Pueralex or Gincofolin (White Tiger).
Ingredients Ren Shen (ginseng) 25% San Qi (san-chi) 15% Gui Zhi (cinnamon) 10% Fu Ling (hoelen) 10% Bai Zhu (atractylodes) 10% Chi Shao (red peony) 10% Chuan Xiong (cnidium) 10% Hong Hua (carthamus) 10%


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