Qing Wei San

Qing Wei San

Qing Wei San

Brand Great Nature Classic Tablets by Blue Poppy
Unit Size 90 Tabs
Dosage 3 caps / 2x / daily
Potency 7:1 750mg
Chinese Symptomology Stomach fire patterns, especially with tooth pain. Also used for bleeding of the gums, mouth ulcers, swelling and pain of the lips, cheeks or tongue, bad breath, and dry mouth.
Actions Clears the stomach (clears stomach heat) and cools the blood
Pattern Stomach Fire
Tongue A red tongue with little or no fur and possible ulcerations
Pulse A rapid and possibly bowstring pulse
English name Clear the Stomach Powder

In this pattern, there is accumulated heat in the stomach that follows the channel to attack the upper body. The yang ming stomach and large intestine channels reach the upper and lower gums, so when heat is exuberant in the stomach it follows the channel upward to attack the upper body. This causes tooth pain that may lead to headache, heat effusion of the cheeks and face, bleeding, swelling, or ulceration of the gums and mouth, swelling and pain of the lips, cheeks or tongue, bad breath, and dry mouth. Within the formula, Huang Lian (Coptidis Rhizoma) acts as the sovereign medicinal. It clears heat and drains fire directly from the stomach. Sheng Ma (Cimicifugae Rhizoma) clears heat and resolves toxin on the one hand, while at the same time it is light, ascending, and outthrusting in nature, allowing “depressed fire to effuse.” The combination of Huang Lian and Sheng Ma provides downbearing as well as upbearing, allowing fire to be dispersed without flaming upward. Stomach fire damages yin-blood, so Sheng Di Huang (Rehmanniae Radix) is used to cool the blood and enrich yin. Mu Dan Pi (Moutan Cortex) also cools the blood and clears heat, while Dang Gui (Angelicae Sinensis Radix) nourishes the blood, disperses swelling, and relieves pain. Together, these medicinals clear the stomach and cool the blood, allowing the fire in the upper body to descend and heat in the blood to become eliminated. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF STOMACH HEAT INCLUDE: Headache Heat effusion of the cheeks and face Bleeding, swelling, or ulceration of the gums or mouth Swelling and/or pain in the lips, cheeks, or tongue Halitosis Dry mouth*


Sheng Ma (Cimicifugae Rhizoma) Huang Lian (Coptidis Rhizoma) Mu Dan Pi (Moutan Corte) Sheng Di Huang (Rehmanniae Radix) Dang Gui (Angelicae Sinensis Radix)


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