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People's Herbs

Specialty Formulas & Empowered Extract Capsules Exclusively from People’s Herbs

Formulas that offer flexible solutions to your patients’ health challenges

All People’s Herbs formulas feature:

  • Carefully sourced raw materials; including many domestically-sourced, organic ingredients
  • All extracts are manufactured in a certified GMP facility
  • Formulas are blended and encapsulated at our GMP-certified manufacturer in the US
  • Laboratory tested to confirm the identity of the raw material, and for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals
  • No pharmaceuticals, dyes, or sugars   

People’s Herbs, Inc Specialty Formulas

With an emphasis on the inclusion of highly-concentrated medicinal mushroom extracts, People’s Herbs specialty formulas are original formulations which draw upon both Traditional Chinese Medical theory and modern research to provide well-rounded formulas with broad therapeutic applications. 

People’s Herbs, Inc. Empowered Extract Capsules

People’s Herbs formulas bearing the Empowered name are single herb formulations consisting of a potent standardized extract in a base of the whole powdered herb.  The whole herb powder base ensures a balanced formula containing components of the herb possibly left behind during the extraction process, while the inclusion of a standardized extract guarantees specific levels of key constituents to ensure your patients receive therapeutic levels of treatment with even moderate dosing.

Boost Essence Formula - 100 Capsules

SKU: PH109
Unit Size: 100 Capsules

This formula combines concentrated extracts of the most well researched and popular substances that embody the concept of an adaptogen.*

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Empowered Maca

SKU: PH112
Unit Size: 100 Capsules

Maca Powdered Extract with 0.2% Macamides + Maceaenes

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Five Ginsengs Formula

SKU: PH101
Unit Size: 100 Capsules

The Five Ginsengs Formula is especially useful for patients that require broad tonification while moving qi and blood.

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Forever Yang Formula - 100 Capsules

SKU: PH111
Unit Size: 100 Capsules

Forever Yang is a potent extract-only formula designed to promote the active warming energetic principal of Kidney Yang.*

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Jade Windscreen + ASR - 100 Capsules

SKU: PH100-100
Unit Size: 100 Capsules

This combination of Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Windscreen) extract with highly concentrated extracts of immune-boosting Astragalus, Shiitake, and Reishi mushrooms gives the benefits of stronger dosing in the convenience of a simple encapsulated product.

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Red Rice Yeast Plus - 100 Capsules

SKU: PH110-100
Unit Size: 100 Capsules

We highly recommend providing Red Rice Yeast with adjuncts such as Guggulipid and Reishi in order to provide the deeper therapy necessary to promote your patients health.*

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Red Rice Yeast Plus - 250 Capsules

SKU: PH110-250
Unit Size: 250 Capsules

Red Rice Yeast with adjuncts such as Guggulipid and Reishi.*

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Yin Qiao-Echinacea Plus

SKU: PH104
Unit Size: 60 Capsules

Yin Qiao-Echinacea Plus Formula combines a highly-concentrated form of the classical Chinese formula Yin Qiao Jie Du Tang together with the properties of Echinacea.*

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