People's Herbs

People's Herbs

Specialty Formulas & Empowered Extract Capsules Exclusively from People’s Herbs

Formulas that offer flexible solutions to your patients’ health challenges

All People’s Herbs formulas feature:

  • Carefully sourced raw materials; including many domestically-sourced, organic ingredients
  • All extracts are manufactured in a certified GMP facility
  • Formulas are blended and encapsulated at our GMP-certified manufacturer in the US
  • Laboratory tested to confirm the identity of the raw material, and for microbiological contaminants and heavy metals
  • No pharmaceuticals, dyes, or sugars   

People’s Herbs, Inc Specialty Formulas

With an emphasis on the inclusion of highly-concentrated medicinal mushroom extracts, People’s Herbs specialty formulas are original formulations which draw upon both Traditional Chinese Medical theory and modern research to provide well-rounded formulas with broad therapeutic applications. 

People’s Herbs, Inc. Empowered Extract Capsules

People’s Herbs formulas bearing the Empowered name are single herb formulations consisting of a potent standardized extract in a base of the whole powdered herb.  The whole herb powder base ensures a balanced formula containing components of the herb possibly left behind during the extraction process, while the inclusion of a standardized extract guarantees specific levels of key constituents to ensure your patients receive therapeutic levels of treatment with even moderate dosing.

Golden Goddess Facial Gua Sha Oil, 1oz

Unit Size: 1oz

ReDermaVive's Golden Goddess Facial Gua Sha oil provides the perfect slip surface for your gua sha tool to effectively slide over the skin. At the same time, it delivers numerous nutrients for your skin. The synergism of the ingredients and the lifting action of the gua sha results in a firmer, uplifted, smooth, clear, more youthful looking skin.

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