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Five Mushroom Formula - 250 Capsules

Five Mushroom Formula - 250 Capsules

Five Mushroom Formula - 250 Capsules

SKU PH102-250
Brand People's Herbs
Unit Size 250 Capsules
Dosage Suggested Use: 2 capsules 2 times per day. It may be appropriate for some patients to use a higher dose.

Our flagship medicinal mushroom formula is made of 100% extracts; no simple herbal powders or fillers have been added.  The hot-water mushroom extracts are as concentrated as it is possible to manufacture without selecting out certain compounds and distorting the mushroom’s original function. This is our best selling formula, used primarily by practitioners as a tonification therapy for serious health challenges.

Ingredients Each Capsule Contains: 125mg Coriolus mushroom extract (Coriolus hirsutus fruiting body / 15% polysaccharides) ~ 125mg Cordyceps mushroom extract (Cordyceps sinsensis mycelium / 40% polysaccharides) ~ 100mg Maitake mushroom extract (Grifola frondosa fruiting body / 20% polysaccharides) ~ 75mg Reishi mushroom extract (Ganoderma lucidum fruiting body) (10% polysaccharides / 4% triterpenes) ~ 75mg Shiitake mushroom extract (Lentinula edodes fruiting body / 6% polysaccharides)

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