Gracious Power, (60 tablets)

Gracious Power, (60 tablets)

Gracious Power, (60 tablets)

SKU K107-60
Brand Kan Herbals
Unit Size 60 tablets
Dosage 2-3 tablets, 2-3 times per day
Chinese Symptomology Chest-flank pain, acid regurgitation, menstrual problems, hernia disorder, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, elevated liver enzymes, peptic ulcers, hypertension
Actions Nourishes Liver Yin, rectifies Liver Qi, harmonizes Liver and Lung
Pattern Liver Yin vacuity, Liver Qi depression, Liver/Lung disharmony
Tongue Normal, possibly slightly red, dry with cracks
Pulse Thin, rapid, empty, thin and wiry

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Chinese name yi guan jian (modified)
English name Gracious Power

Gracious Power was originally formulated to treat people who had the seeming appearance of Liver Qi blockage and seemed to be pushing against boundaries all the time but, in reality, had insufficient Liver moisture to relax and receive.  On the physical level, the formula is originally for chest-flank pain and acid regurgitationi and any symptom of Liver Qi stagnation that is actually rooted in deficiency yin.  The formula can also treat Liver invading Lung and therefore be used for chronic cough.  Some physicians have noted that this formula can be used as a general tonic for treating generalized Yin deficiency that is configured by the Liver meridian.*




Pinyin Name

Common Name

Sheng di huang

Raw rehmannia root

Shu di huang

Rehmannia root (prepared)

Sun zao ren chao

Sour jujube seed (dry fried)

Mai men dong

Ophiopogon tuber

Gou qi zi

Lycium fruit

Dang gui shen

Dong quai root

Bei sha shen

Glehnia root

Yu jin

Turmeric root tuber

Zhi mu

Anemarrhena rhizome

Chuan xiong

Sichuan lovage rhizome

Fo shou

Finger citron fruit

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